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Rory Singh 
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Inspiration - 5 Simple Steps To An Inspired Life

(May 16, 2008)  Inspiration really means to be in spirit. Many people lack inspiration & try to seek it out through external motivating sources. You have all of the power to achieve anything that your heart desires in this world. Now it's time for you to go within to find true inspiration. Here are 5 Simple ..

Happiness - Your Purpose In Life

(May 16, 2008)  We live in the information age which is a glorious time to be alive. The world is filled with so much abundance but yet there are so many people that choose to be unhappy. Happiness really is a choice & people who are in a bitter state really don't like to hear that. When you are down it ..

Success - 3 Simple Steps To Success

(May 15, 2008)  Successful people are in the minority & there are many reasons behind this. The truth of the matter is that successful people really do think differently than most people. However they weren't always like that. Before you are able to find success you may have to make some adjustments in the way .

The Power of Appreciation

(April 30, 2008)  Maybe you're already in a position where you are absolutely satisfied with your life. That is a wonderful position to be in. Maybe you're not satisfied & you feel that life has cheated you or that maybe even looked over you. That's okay for now but what you may not realize is that before life ..


  • New York State Capitol ~ Albany New York ~ Governors Reception Room  - Fireplace  Mantel
  • New York State Capitol ~ Albany New York ~ Governors Reception Room Murals
  • Indianapolis State Capitol - Indiana General Assembly - Murals - Historic - House of Representatives
  • Jefferson City  Missouri ~ State Capitol  ~  The House Lounge - Mural
  • New Orleans  Louisiana - Gallier Hall - Former City Hall - CBD
  • New Orleans Louisiana - Norman Mayer Memorial Building - CBD