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Colette Robicheau 
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When a Shoe Thing is No Longer a Good Thing - When to Say Go ...

(October 14, 2008)  Many gals have a shoe thing. A shoe thing is more than just having a reasonable amount of shoes to wear, it's about collecting them and not letting any of them go. It's hard to let go of items that have memories attached, cost a lot of money or were a gift from a loved one. Most people, however, do .

Seven Things Not to Do When Creating a New Years Resolution

(August 10, 2008)  One in four people will not make it a week with their New Year's resolution. Here are seven things not to do when creating a New Year's resolution that will help you go the distance: 1. Don't keep it to yourself. "I don't want my friends to know I am trying to quit my bad habit. " Let others know! ..

No Hesitation Say Yes to Saying No

(July 20, 2008)  How often have you found yourself unable to say ‘no’ to someone? It isn't easy turning down an invite or request. There are many reasons why we might find ourselves unable to say no to requests- anxiety, a sense of obligation, wanting to be liked, wanting to be useful or to avoid ..

Calling All Cell Phone Users Show Proper Etiquette

(July 20, 2008)  Don't be mad at cell phones, it's not their fault they interrupt your dinners, movies and business meetings. It's their owners that need to take a quick lesson on how to treat them. With the advancements of today's technology it seems like they are showing up everywhere and everyone, young and old, .

News Years Resolutions or Fatal Attraction?

(February 27, 2008)  Are you like most people? Have you set and broken many of your New Years Resolutions already? Have you spent time focused on your deficits and shortcomings? The law of attraction says we will draw those things towards us that we spend time thinking about. So, focus on the positive. Quote from ..

Start the New Year Right

(February 27, 2008)  It's a new year and a time when people like to start fresh and sample some new approaches to areas in your life you would like to improve. You have seen the development of the organizing and redesign shows take over our television stations. It's been called the latest trend, the new dieting but ..


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