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Pat Heydlauff 
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Change That Really Works

(July 14, 2008)  Kelley, a young mother with three young children, was struggling to keep up with meeting all of her children's, husband's, pets’ and household needs. By the time she took care of school and after-school activities, medical and dental appointments, shopped for food and purchased medications - ..

Are You Seeking a Balanced Life Portfolio?

(July 05, 2008)  Do you know people that are on the go 24/7 and seem to have all the energy in the world? They just keep going and going like the Energizer rabbit - symbol for a well know battery manufacturing company. Have you ever noticed that the day eventually does come when they just stop dead in their tracks? .

Re Energizing Yourself Restores Productivity and Prosperity

(June 27, 2008)  Imagine your world where things go right 90% of the time. Imagine ending each day with time left over just for you. Imagine a better tomorrow without stress - filled with productivity and prosperity. An independent business person that works out of her home office and is the top sales person for a .

Creative Solutions Begin in Silence

(June 20, 2008)  Have you found yourself in the midst of telling a friend or co-worker about a problem confronting you only to have them provide you three solutions before you've ended your second sentence? Do you ever get an insightful idea popping into your head and long before the magnitude of the idea has ..

Change Your Thinking - Change the Results

(June 03, 2008)  Have you ever noticed co-workers, friends, even your spouse constantly complain about how bad things are or complain about just “stuff?" According to a co-worker, it's always the boss creating problems in an overworked, under-appreciated environment. Maybe your best friend is in a bad place ..

Build A Bridge To A Better Tomorrow

(May 17, 2008)  A number of my current clients seem to be dealing with major issues or hang-ups from the past - things I refer to as mental clutter. The issues seem overwhelming and range from sibling and parent relationships to chemical and co-dependencies; even just being stuck - suspended in mid air, not able ..

Don't Just Cope with Life - Create It!

(May 11, 2008)  Do you face each day with a smile, enthusiasm and a plan? Or, do you plan to just cope with what comes along? Is your objective every morning to survive whatever life throws at you - or do you have a plan to thrive? Or, have you already learned the secret to life - how to create what you want and ..

Feng Shui Your Time - Be In-Control of Your Life

(May 05, 2008)  Is time your friend, a friendly foe, an adversary or a heavy handed task master? Are you constantly racing against the clock to meet deadlines, complete projects and keep commitments? Do people, organizations, work and projects clamor for you time and attention - to the point you are no longer ..

Creativity is the Answer

(April 24, 2008)  Are you the creative type? Do you or would you like to be an artist, create moving poetry, write a book, sculpt a magnificent statue or create music that speaks to your soul? Or, are you so busy working or doing “stuff" you don't have time to think about creativity and what role it might play .

The Hi-Tech Dilemma - The Feng Shui Answer

(April 03, 2008)  Are you in constant contact but are never really connected? Do you email, text message and play endless phone tag with no results or no satisfaction - just more messages? Are you more intimately involved with American Idol, the cable guy and your iPod and iTunes than you are with your family and ..

Recipe For Positive Thinking

(March 24, 2008)  Do you have the “only if" or “it always happens to me" malady? Is negative thinking getting you down? Are you constantly telling yourself things always go wrong and nothing ever goes right? Has an argument, a mishap, a bad experience with a neighbor, waiter, friend or colleague at work ..

10 Steps To Improve Wellbeing

(March 08, 2008)  Do you live today like it is the most important day of your life? Do you do things that really matter on a daily basis? What did you tell someone today that will be remembered about you for the rest of their life if tomorrow never comes? What was the last thing you told yourself before falling ..

Are "Old Ways" Not Working? Create Change Now With a New Roa ...

(January 23, 2008)  Are you holding onto “old ways" that simply are not working? Are you still facing unfinished projects, financial issues that won't go away or nagging health issues that won't give up? Is what you've done in the past failing to meet your needs today? If what you have done in the past is not ..


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