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Ruth Bruegger 
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Find the Beauty in Everyone

(March 04, 2008)  Recently a dear friend passed away and one of the issues we were confronted with was gossip. Why is gossip so much fun? I believe gossip gives us something to talk about. Is all gossip bad? It is a form of information and I believe it depends on how you are using it. My Grandmother Cory passed ..

Choosing Not To Smoke

(December 20, 2007)  I will say that I am lucky. Smoking has held no ill effects for me. Perhaps I did not inhale deep enough or whatever or perhaps the genetics of having people who live to 100 plus in my family had something to do with it. My journey to quit smoking started more than 2 decades ago. I never thought ..

In a Moment

(November 21, 2007)  The following you read is about two choices. One is a choice to die and another is a choice to live. This may be disturbing to some readers. I have known many people whose family members chose to take their own lives. I have seen the pain the choices of their loved ones leave behind. I walked into .


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