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Love to Shop? Has it Turned Into a Shopping Addiction?

(October 14, 2008)  There are those among us that truly enjoy shopping and there are those that find it to be the most terrible thing on a to do list. For a person that has an addiction to shopping, it isn't either one of those things. It is something that they have to do. They shop because it gives them a sense of ..

9 Tips For Relationship Addictions

(October 09, 2008)  It may seem like a funny addiction, relationships, who could be addicted to relationships? Well the truth is, more people then you realize. There have been movies made about relationship addictions, think “Fatal Attraction, " or “Crush. " While they displayed a more extreme version of ..

Are Internet Addictions For Real? Serious?

(August 19, 2008)  Is it real or isn't it? We are talking about Internet addiction. It originally came into being because of Dr. Ivan Goldberg. Whether or not he ever meant for it to be used as a real diagnosis remains to be seen. How he came up with it was he took the DSM-IV diagnosis of pathological gambling and ..

What Are Online Addictions

(July 28, 2008)  The beauty of the internet is that it gives us instant access to anything that we want. From shopping, to gambling, to information, to meeting people, to doing things that we simply shouldn't be doing. This beauty however, for many people, feeds an addiction. While there is currently great debate ..

Learning the Different Types of Addictions

(July 20, 2008)  Understanding addictions, regardless of type carries with it the same basic symptoms of obsession, loss of control, compulsion and the continual use regardless of negative consequences all make up an addiction. A person can become addicted to any substance, activity or behavior this includes ..

Discover The Secret To Breaking Addictions

(March 31, 2008)  It is possible for anything to be an addiction. It doesn't have to be to an illegal substance, or to alcohol, or other questionable activity. So what ever the addiction is that you are wanting to stop know that you an stop it. You have the power to change your behavior and replace your addiction ..


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