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How Empowering Beliefs Shape Successful Entrepreneurs

(May 16, 2008)  Every business owner wants their business to be a success and perhaps even build an empire from that success. If you really want your business to excel and to achieve every aspiration that you have, do not even think “Failure is not an option, " because as soon as you let that thought crossed .

How To Generate An Influx Of Ideas And Effectively Do Things ...

(May 06, 2008)  Think carefully when I say that ideas are the building blocks of any creative thinking process. Without ideas, you cannot go very far when trying to create something unique, inspirational, imaginative and magnificent to become a successful achiever. Brilliant ideas were at play when Sir Isaac ..

How To Think And Achieve Great Things

(April 01, 2008)  If you were able to pick the mind of some of the Great Achievers of our times, what do you think you would find? You would find a common belief that life is a manifestation based on less of what you do and more of what you think. While the old adage, “Action speaks louder than words, " is ..

Learn the FACTS of Life From A CEO - Comedian

(March 24, 2008)  Last week, I was invited by a friend to a seminar organised by a network marketing company in Singapore. I am not affiliated with the company in any way. What really attracted me to the seminar was the guest speaker of that afternoon. I will tell you more about her in a moment, but I must say she ..

Your Brain, Mind And Beliefs

(March 17, 2008)  Hi there. Stop what you are doing right now and take a look at this interesting riddle: "I have billions of eyes yet I live in darkness. I have millions of ears yet only four lobes. I have no muscle yet I rule two hemispheres. What am I?" If you haven't figure out the answer to this no-brainer ..

7 Ways To Save More Time In Your Life

(March 12, 2008)  Everyone has 24 hours in a day, only. How fast you can reach your goals in life really depends on how well you can manage these precious 24 hours. But truth be told, do we really have twenty four hours to begin with? For the average men in a twenty-four day, 8 hours are already spent in their ..

How To Use Questions To Liberate Yourself From Negative Emot ...

(November 29, 2007)  Keeping negative emotions inside of you are one of the most important causes of failure. This is, of course, not to say that you should be pollyannaic (one who is always positive and happy, even if the sky falls on his family). Yes, some negative emotions are important, if not necessary, for you ..

Discover A Secret More Effective Method Than Goal Setting

(August 15, 2007)  Traditional goal setting does not work as effectively as most ‘experts’ would have you believe. This is because there is one factor, one key, a missing link, which, without it, you'd simply have no motivation to go about doing the things you are supposed to do to bring about the ..

How To Get Anything You Want

(August 15, 2007)  Success, simply defined, means getting whatever you want. However simplistic that definition may be, most people would agree that a person who is successful in a certain field or area is so because he or she has managed to achieve something specific, and that something specific is a target or ..

The Golden Rule And Another Secret For Success In Your Life

(August 15, 2007)  Most people who, when talking about success in getting whatever you seek in life through some form of goal setting and achieving technique that they normally would charge to teach you, would focus only upon the aspects or dimensions that deal with yourself and your actions. Yet one of the ..

What Are Subliminal Messages And Do They Work?

(August 13, 2007)  You have probably heard of subliminal messages and some of the urban legends that surround them. A subliminal message is a message designed to avoid detection by the conscious mind but will be registered in the subconscious mind. In short, you cannot see, hear or pick up any of those subliminal ..

Law of Attraction Made Easy

(August 11, 2007)  How's life with the law of attraction now? Ever since the first encounter with ‘The Secret', how well have it been manifesting your ideal life, the one you wanted so much? Not as smooth and fast as those guys have mentioned I presume, you will probably receive more feedbacks from watching ..

Discover 3 Creative Visualization Techniques That Really Work

(August 08, 2007)  I know these techniques work because I, or the people I know, have had direct experiences of results coming out of putting these creative visualization techniques into practice. "Treasure Map" The treasure map technique simply involves you creating a tangible picture of what you want. You can ..

Top 7 Truths You Must Know About To Make Any Creative Visual ...

(August 08, 2007)  What do you really want out of a creative visualization (cv) technique that you had just gotten out of a “Guided Imagery" book (maybe by Shakti Gawain) you borrowed from the library or a “Creative Visualization" e-book you just purchased and downloaded online or a manifesting article ..

Creative Visualization - Some Techniques That Really Work - ...

(August 08, 2007)  The past few weeks had seen me occupying myself with other commitments apart from my website. I had been working on creating and launching my viral marketing software product by promoting it on several internet marketing forums, purchasing leads, distributing articles and approaching editors of ..

How These 2 Platinum Hours Every Day Will Change Your Life

(August 08, 2007)  Okay, so you're saying you don't have enough time to do what you want to do to transform your life for the better. You're saying to yourself, “If only I have more time to do what I want to do, my life will change!" Here's what I'm going to offer you:- The access codes to unlock that extra ..


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