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Bill Nadraszky 
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Bill Nadraszky's Self Improvement Articles

How Changes Create Confidence

(June 08, 2008)  One of the problems that you may having right now in getting started or moving forward in your fitness and health goals is the fact that you may have no confidence. Confidence is something that is built only from the inside. We have all met people that are very confident and many people that have ..

Getting Rid of Life's Distractions

(June 08, 2008)  One of the big things related to planning your day and getting motivated to do things is getting rid of all of those distractions in your head. On a daily basis we apparently think about the same 98% of things that we thought about the day before. We are living distracted and the worst thing about ..

Planning Your Day

(June 08, 2008)  Have you ever noticed how life just kind of runs you over unless you take control of the day when you get up? There are two ways that a day will go if you just let it, either you will just do busywork and at the end of the day not feel like you accomplished anything, or you will jump from one ..


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