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Diane Dutchin 
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It's a Great Day

(October 20, 2008)  So what defines a “great day"? Everyone has their own personal definition so allow me to share how I define a great day. For some a great day is when: You come into a large sum of money You finally got the person's attention you were longing for Your partner said “yes" to marry you You .

The Olympic Dance

(August 18, 2008)  For the past 12 days the Olympic games have been in full swing in Beijing China. Men and women from all over the world, of all color, stature, and personal journeys meet to compete. Competing for a spot on the podium to hear their country's national anthem played with either a gold, silver or ..

On Or Off Balanced

(June 07, 2008)  Why is it as humans we are either at one extreme or another? There never appears to be what some likes to term “a healthy medium"? Let me rephrase that statement instead to ask, “what is a happy medium?" What does it mean to have a health balance in one's life? Every person's definition .

The Things We Take for Granted

(April 15, 2008)  Have you ever had the wrong impression about something or someone? I can see the heads nodding! We all have and will throughout our lifetime, it is just a part of life. We turn on the tap an automatically expect cold or hot water to flow and if cold water comes out of the hot water tap, we react as .

Men and Shoes on a Train

(March 14, 2008)  It was 6am as I boarded the train to work one cold morning and I was thankful to get a seat. At that time of the morning my eyes are not yet fully focused and at times I'm still half asleep. During that time the train is usually filled with construction workers and a few blue-collar men heading out .

You've Got The Power

(March 04, 2008)  Choices and decisions can sometimes be deliberate or spontaneous. The thought process sometimes can be prolonged or instantaneous and it all comes down to a number of factors. How our mental and emotional is state; sober, intoxicated, happy, sad, depressed, or at peace, will all depend on the ..

Life, A Vacation, Journey And Destination All Rolled Into One

(February 24, 2008)  Is life a vacation? Journey? Or destination? Could life be a combo of all three? Is it possible to have a 9-5 job and still feel like you're on vacation? Can you be living life while making a living? Ok, what's with all the questions? To begin a vacation, to journey somewhere - heck, to the ..

The Skinny on Loving You

(May 28, 2007)  It’s all about loving The Internet is bombarded with tips on how to lose weight and find true love. So what is the definition of love anyway? Can I be overweight and in love, happy, fulfilled, content and blessed? Or, is this only reserved for those who can strut their stuff in a one, two, or .

Freedom Begins With The Act Of Forgiveness

(May 15, 2007)  I can imagine the thoughts and feelings that may rise up in reading this title, but before you judge this article base solely on the title, I encourage you to please keep reading! We have either heard or said these statements “forgive and forget”, “let it go”. Easier said ..


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