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12 Step Quotes and Sayings XV

(June 30, 2008)  "The monkey may be off my back, but the circus hasn't left town yet. " Once I had about 6 months of recovery, I began to feel as if my addiction was finally beginning to be manageable - I didn't crave it all the time, it didn't drive me as it once had, and I found myself thinking more about the ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings XIII

(June 29, 2008)  "If you don't like what you hear at a meeting, then say what you need to hear. " At a question and answer meeting I attend, I often hear questions and comments from people who either don't enjoy meetings, or who don't think that particular meeting gives them what they need. “It's always the ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings XII

(June 29, 2008)  "There are only two times when you should go to a meeting - when you feel like going, and when you don't feel like going. " It's hard living with a disease that tells me I don't have it. When I'm in between meetings and life is busy, it's easy for me to think of going to a meeting as an imposition. .

12 Step Quotes and Sayings XIV

(June 29, 2008)  "Listen for the similarities not the differences. " I was given this suggestion right before my first ever meeting, and not only did it allow me to pay closer attention, but it also helped me to identify and come to see how I fit in. I relied on this and kept listening for the similarities during ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings, XII

(March 31, 2008)  "God handed me the menu. He didn't tell me to choose the wrong sandwich. " This quote seemed appropriate for the New Year because it reminds me that in recovery, with a relationship with a Higher Power, I have a world of opportunities open to me. In meetings every week I hear others share about ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings, XIV

(March 31, 2008)  “There are no victims, only volunteers - you always have a choice. " This was a tough lesson to learn. When I was new to Al-Anon, I was a victim to so many people and situations, that I was hoping to get some sympathy and understanding. Imagine learning that I was instead a volunteer for ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings, XIII

(March 31, 2008)  "I learn to stop trying hard, and learn to try different. " We alcoholics are a stubborn lot. When I entered the program, there was only one way to do something - my way. And if that didn't work I would just try harder. Bolstered by a seemingly limitless supply of self will, I was convinced that I ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings, XI

(March 31, 2008)  "If I'm feeling hysterical, it must be historical. " Before recovery, I often wondered why little things caused such a big reaction in me. Somebody driving too slow, other people's comments, little things not going my way - these events often caused big reactions in me and left me confused and with .


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