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Ola Olabimpe 
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Ola Olabimpe's Self Improvement Articles

Set Yourself FREE!

(August 28, 2007)  Set your self free and break lose today! Be heard be seen and live a fulfilled live. Maya Angelou was quoted to have said that “a bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. ” We all have do have a song to sing. We have a purpose for living and were not made ..

Opportunities And You!

(August 20, 2007)  Opportunities are everywhere and in every situation depending on how you look at things. You might need to stretch you neck like an ostrich or retire into your shell like a tortoise or turn your head 360 degrees like an owl before you can see it. “Opportunities? They are all around us. . ..

Responsibility Helps You Stay In Charge

(August 12, 2007)  Do you find yourself always making excuses; when you are you late on your project? what about your unmet goals? did you forget something? have you screwed up again? No matter what it could be, desist from making unnecessary excuses for yourself. Excuses does a lot of harm on your reputation and ..

Appreciation is Big Towards Success

(August 12, 2007)  I remember growing up and mother would always ask “did you say thank you” whenever something is given to me. One day I rebelliously asked her, why I should say thank you if I did not ask for it. Surprisingly, she did not get angry, she just smiled and said if you appreciate what you ..

Fail To Plan Equals Plan To Fail

(August 12, 2007)  Believe it or not It is very true. I keep saying we should have a plan B and C where necessary. But how many of us truly plan not to mention having alternative plans? We have goals that we intend to achieve at every stage of our life. We meet situation we have not expected, we find ourselves in ..

Growing Means- Knowing What To Change Or What Not To

(March 26, 2007)  Tagging the culprit usually woould not; stop the hurt caused or changed the done deed or the fact that something has to change. We can blame our past on our parents or the society but, we can not blame anyone for decisions we make today or our future mistakes. “Real birthdays are not annual ..

You Are Better Off With Nature By Your Side

(March 26, 2007)  We live in a world were we are prone to stress, anger, fear and worry and so on. But right with us is “Nature" -waving and staring at us for our attention. “When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail. "-Abraham Maslow. Think about any of these; ..

Living A Functional Life

(March 26, 2007)  Living a functional life is about living a life worth emulating (by generations) and targeted at fulfilling your purpose. The type of choice we make, our sense of dignity, our values, our relationships, our possession are all tools to living a functional life. “Do what you can, with what you ..


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