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Pity There Are So Few Heroes Around

(February 29, 2008)  Every now and then when I want to feel inspired I visit Other times I visit because I want to be reassured that the human race is special and beautiful after I've just been shocked again by what horrors some people manage to do to others. This time around, I visited TED for all of the ..

John Travolta and His Dance with Princess Diana

(June 21, 2007)  There is this lovely little story in the British Daily Mirror where John Travolta is quoted as saying that he had some help when he was experiencing a real dip in his acting career. In fact he is even prepared to say that it was like being reborn. In 1985 Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited ..

High Achievers Want To Prove A Point

(June 07, 2007)  There is an interesting theory that I read in an interview on a South African marketing site. The person being interviewed was the CEO of one of, if not, the biggest publishing house in SA. His theory was that oddballs would drive innovation and change, rather than the people in their power suits ..

How to Make a Million Dollars - Step Eight

(June 04, 2007)  Expect pain as you will have to suffer. You will not make a Million Dollars without hurting. And sometimes it can be a fair amount of pain. Unless you win the lotto, it takes some time to get to that coveted Million Dollars, or a successful business or whatever the goal is. The problem is that we ..

I Couldn't Finish the London Marathon Because It Was Too Hot

(April 21, 2007)  Officials of the London Marathon think this year could be a record in terms of heat on the day of the race. It is expected that the anticipated 23C could break the record temperature of 21C recorded in 1996. This is great news for me because it means that I can blame the weather for not being able .

Take Responsibility for Your Life

(April 20, 2007)  For me, Christopher Reeve personifies the idea of using personal power to take responsibility for ones life. Christopher Reeve, also known as Superman, was an American actor, director, producer and writer. He starred in many films besides the Superman series, performed in numerous Broadway plays ..

How to Make a Million Dollars - Step Four

(April 16, 2007)  So far, in previous articles on how to make a Million Dollars, I have written about passion being essential, hard work definitely has to be part of the action and perseverance being the third step necessary in a quest for making real money. The next one to be added to this, would be the ability to ..

Your Life And You - Compatible?

(April 11, 2007)  Here's a story for you. A newspaper I was reading talked about a Reverend Billy in the United States, who although no ordained minister, was out with his church choir every day, preaching against consumerism. He is the founder of the Church of Stop Shopping. He marches into a shop and lays his ..

How to Make a Million Dollars - Step Two

(April 06, 2007)  Still believing in having a million dollars wander into your bank account with no work involved and it just happens because you imagine it every day? So it has been working for you then? Not really, I would imagine. That is not to say that putting positive thoughts out there, drawing your dream ..

How To Make A Million Dollars In One Month

(March 28, 2007)  I bet I am going to get the attention of many many readers with that headline. The disappointing news is that unless you win the lotterry or have some other very very fortunate occurrence in your life, you are not going to make a million Dollars in one month. We all want to be millionaires. We ..

Let's Applaud These Special Women

(March 14, 2007)  In life one reads about and very rarely, meets up with special people who take our breath away because they achieve things beyond what we imagine is possible. One such person is a Canadian Inuit leader by the name of Sheila Watt-Cloutier. She has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, hence her ..


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