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Yoshi Kundagawa 
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The Secrets Of The Youngest Of The Five Major Styles Of Tai Chi

(May 02, 2007)  Sun style T'ai Chi was developed by Sun Lu-t'ang in the late 1800s. He was already highly experience in other martial arts before he developed this style. It is the youngest of the five styles of Tai Chi and it is known for incorporating elements derived from Xing Yi and Ba Gua, two other forms of ..

Qigong Video Reveals Ancient Secrets

(March 21, 2007)  “So, Yoshi, that’s your new training style? “Sit On Your Ass Kung Fu?” A lot of martial artists are disparaging of anything they don’t learn in a dojo, and perhaps with some justification. However, after I beat the crap out of my feet doing dumb things learning about ..


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