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Neel Raman 
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Letting Go Of Blame

(February 26, 2007)  It's so easy to blame everyone else for what goes wrong in your life, isn't it? Nothing need ever be your fault, and you can deny any responsibility or liability for things that are said and done. You can blame your parents for your dreadful childhood, and you can blame the kitchen sink if you can, .

What Is Self Improvement?

(February 26, 2007)  It's a common term these days isn't. it? Self-improvement. Making oneself better than one is at present. Raising your standards. Getting a nice new squeaky clean image that fits with what you think the world wants to see or what the world thinks is in and fashionable. But what does ..

The Benefit Of Reading Books

(February 25, 2007)  You've learned the power of your imagination to open new windows and doors to let light in on those shadows that clouded your vision in the past. You are a creative and gifted human being with the potential to create better things and to make a difference by inspiring others to challenge their own ..

Raising Your Standards In Life

(February 25, 2007)  As you follow the path of your journey, you will come face to face with challenges to the way you live life, and you have a responsibility to show to others that your path involves not only being the best you can be, but learning how to treat others with love and respect. You know in your heart ..

What Keeps Us Motivated?

(February 17, 2007)  It's easy to see when someone is fired up with inspiration. They radiate energy. They're full of energy, imagination and possibilities; they spark with ideas. Every day they seem to be filled with the same resolve, the same conviction about what they're doing, and you wonder sometimes how they ..

Facing Your Dragons In Life

(February 16, 2007)  Uh oh! Here comes the big one and you're up against it. This is the moment you’ve dreaded. Just when you thought you'd got some breathing space, you're faced with a battle against the very thing you're most afraid of. It's the stuff of every story ever told about determination, quest for ..

What Does It Mean To Be A Hero?

(February 01, 2007)  When you were a child, were you inspired by stories of knights, supermen and courageous men and women who did wonderful things and changed the world around them? They were your heroes. You looked up to them, didn't you? And you admired them and read stories about them late into the night? Weren't ..

Being Focused In Life

(February 01, 2007)  What does it mean to be focused? "I'm pretty focused, " you say. “I go to work and I concentrate on getting the job done well. Ha! I know about focused. " That's great! You apply yourself so that you can feed yourself and your family, and keep a roof over your head. It shows that you take ..

Asking For And Receiving What You Want

(February 01, 2007)  Do you believe you deserve a wonderful, inspirational life? Do you think you can follow your dreams and live your visions? All of us dream dreams and wish for a more honest way of spending our time on the earth. So many people know that if only they had this gift, or that skill, or that freedom, ..

Living A Compassionate Life

(February 01, 2007)  It is truly a privilege to be alive. You have the chance to spend a lifetime on this beautiful planet and to experience the most amazing, the most incredible, the most moving experience possible. You share it with billions of people. Billions of creatures and plants. Huge expanses of breathtaking ..

How Do You Deal WIth Fear?

(February 01, 2007)  Some people don't seem to be afraid of anything. They run up vertical mountain crags, tunnel their way through inky black underground caverns, and throw themselves out of aeroplanes to hang from a silk canopy and a few bits of string. They revel in physical and mental challenge. They get a kick ..

How Do You Use Your Power?

(February 01, 2007)  Take a moment to think about what gifts and strengths you have. How do people perceive you? If you took a sheet of paper and a pencil, what would you list as the assets you have that you're proud to own? And, difficult though this may seem, think also about the parts of your character that you feel .

The Vibration Of Truth

(February 01, 2007)  In the bustle of everyday life as you rush from here to there with not a lot of opportunity to sit still, there's hardly time to take even five minutes just for yourself. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the end of the day, bombarded by media and noise, traffic, stress, difficulties to be overcome ..

What Does Love Mean To You

(February 01, 2007)  Love has been hijacked. Love has become a word to describe how we feel about food and new technology and television programmes and pizza. It seems so easy to love everything these days. We're in a mad dash for the feel-good factor and instant gratification. Our daily existence is bombarded with ..

What Does Commitment Mean

(February 01, 2007)  Society changes so dramatically and in such short spaces of time. Where stability in society and family were considered the ideal, nowadays we see impermanence and change; a more precarious work environment where jobs are at a premium and a firm's loyalty to its staff is being pushed aside for more .

Why Is Love Important In Life

(February 01, 2007)  The world is undergoing massive upheaval and social change. There are experts who tell you that global warming will destroy natural habitats, and that land mass will decrease with rising tides. Conflict is in the headlines every day and our leaders take us in directions that feel dangerous and ..

Dealing With Anger

(February 01, 2007)  Anger is a tool. Anger is an emotional response to signal when things go against our ideals of how people could be and how the world functions. You can't see appalling things happen and be immune to the feelings of anger that will emerge - it's a useful emotion. It's how you react to those ..

Dealing With Loss

(February 01, 2007)  You know in your heart that nothing ever stays the same. People change, lives change, situations and worlds change. The trouble with change is that you can feel insecure and without foundation when the reality you know and have got used to is no longer the comfortable way it was before. Those ..

Everything Is Energy

(February 01, 2007)  Don't you often marvel at how diverse and beautiful this planet is, and how extraordinary it is that we're a tiny speck hurtling through space at thousands of miles an hour? Think of the huge oceans and the peaks of distant mountains. Grasses nudged by a gentle wind on a spring day. Think of a cat ..

Living A Thoughtful Life

(February 01, 2007)  It's so easy isn't it, to get caught up in daily living, making a career for yourself and chasing achievement, and not pay too much attention to asking questions about how you live. In fact, you can choose to let everyone else make the decisions about politics and ethics, and just go with the flow. .

Doing What You Love

(January 22, 2007)  Think of the very last thing you did that gave you real joy. Was it yesterday, walking in the mountains on a cool, crisp afternoon? Was it today, kneading dough and baking a loaf of bread? Maybe you got home from work, sat on the back step and watched your garden grow. It doesn't matter how small ..

What Drives A Person's Behaviour?

(January 22, 2007)  Are we born to behave the way we do? Or do we learn it from family, environment, and life circumstances? Is it nature, or nurture? It's neither of these things. Much of our early upbringing is based on our learning to recognise and respond to stimuli - the love in a mother's eyes and her smile ..


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