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Dee Cohen 
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Stress Reduction Tips - Don't Wait For the Weekend to Relax

(August 30, 2008)  Sometimes it seems our days are just jumping from one challenging situation to another one. What stress reduction tips can we implement when we are on the go and don't have time to to run to the gym, get a massage or go to a relaxing yoga class? The key is to learn to diminish or eliminate our ..

Coaches Do You Follow Up With Past Clients A Case Study From ...

(June 23, 2008)  In the past I didn't follow up with clients or customers I hadn't seen in a while. I figured people would just call or connect again when they were ready. Last week I noticed that my counseling load dropped due to summer vacations and kids in school taking a break till the fall. I decided to call ..

Can Treatment For Drug Addiction Be Done Without Inconvenience?

(May 12, 2008)  Unfortunately, there are many of us that had to deal with drug addictions at some point in our life. If we do not have the problem ourselves, there may be somebody that we love who is going through this type of ordeal. Although there are several different treatment for drug addiction programs that ..

Causes of Drug Addiction

(April 21, 2008)  As a psychotherapist, I see clients who find ways to deny or numb the pain of underlying anxiety , stress and depression. They attribute these reactions as some of the reasons to fall into drug addiction. The top areas I've found that contribute to drug addiction problems are negative childhood ..

Stop Bad Habits - Tips to Break Bad Habits and Realize Your ...

(December 17, 2007)  How many times do you say you want to stop bad habits or break a pattern like smoking, overeating or nail biting but a month later feel defeated? It can be very discouraging to have success for a week or so and then feel you've regressed. Don't let this be disheartening as habits are deep-rooted ..


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