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How Nonprofit Food Organizations can make a Difference?

(September 15, 2015)  Globally, 165 million children within the age bracket of five suffer from malnutrition. This readily effects in reduced height as compared to their age. Basically, a majority of these malnutrition cases can be attributed to famine, very poor food distribution system and lack of public health ..

How Corporate Event Planning Companies in Chicago Help with ...

(August 05, 2015)  From small and young startups to multinational corporations, all organizations conduct various events throughout the year. From a team building exercise within the company premises to annual investor meets in the finest of star hotels, each event has a different requirement for smooth execution. ..

Fighting Alcoholism is Still as Much a Priority as A Hundred ...

(January 28, 2015)  Alcoholism is definitely not a new social problem. Ever since people started making and consuming alcoholic beverages, over-indulging on them became a possibility, and the resulting health effects and addiction followed. Recently, alcoholism has not been in the spotlight as much as it has been in ..

Occasions Where Speed Painting is Entertaining

(May 12, 2014)  Any painting that is done within a limited amount of time is called as speed painting. It can either be a computer program or a manual painting done with paint and brush on a canvas. This type of painting is usually done without a basic sketch and with just an idea of what should be drawn in mind. ..

Experience Growth in Your Career with Effective Time Managem ...

(May 21, 2012)  Are you glad to accomplish important tasks on time? Have you considered the various ways you waste time? Do you consider being lazy and watching the T. V. are the only way to waste time? If yes, then reading this article can help you the various ways you might be wasting your time along with ..

Three Important Ways of Building Self Esteem in Children

(May 21, 2012)  Many parents get worried when their child stay isolated or shows lack of interest in anything. Before anyone else notices, it is the responsibility of the parents to understand their child's problems and find an appropriate solution. They should influence their child in a way that they overcome the .

How can You Help Your Friend with a Good Anger Management Pr ...

(April 09, 2012)  There is no bigger evil that compares to anger. When you are angry, your mind is reined by the most malicious thoughts. Anger management is necessary so that you can keep a control on your thought processes and think twice before acting. You become extremely vulnerable in a state of fit or rage. ..

Manage Your Office Well with Time Management Tips at Work

(March 27, 2012)  Do you think you are working effectively as well as efficiently? Are you distracted constantly or are you engaging yourself in some productive works as well? Reading this article will help you gather information about time management tips at work that will make you smarter and more productive. Get .

Tips for Dealing with Anger

(March 27, 2012)  Anger is one among many other emotions that humans are blessed with. Anger has been labeled as a negative emotion, however; the outcome can be perceived in couple of ways. Dealing with anger can be difficult, as it is one of the most unpredictable emotions among humans. Anger is related with ..

Boosting Self Esteem for Better Life

(February 27, 2012)  Do you indulge in self-talks? Self-talks are a way you speak to your own self and this determines the way you behave and think. For boosting self esteem, it is important that you indulge in positive self-talks. We humans, have the habit of indulging in negative self-talks that ruin our personality, .

Ways You Can Improve Time Management Skills

(February 27, 2012)  Our lives are getting busier every single day. Developing time management skills have become a necessity to deal with this ever-escalating busy life. We can find plenty of time management systems popping out everywhere to help us complete the tasks within the designated time. We have plenty of ..

Stress Relief Tips for a Healthy Living

(February 27, 2012)  Mental unrest resulting out of emotional, chemical and physical factors are said to be causes behind stress. If you plan to eliminate stress completely from life, you are actually being impractical. Setting realistic goals can help you in effective stress management. Negative symptoms of stress ..

Gain Better Clarity with Time Management Plan

(February 25, 2012)  Now if we take up the shopping experience, we have two alternatives in front of us. We can choose between plastic grocery bags or paper bags. Some grocery stores give paper bags and we are all familiar with plastic carrying bags. Plastics all over the world constitute the most reliable option ..

Simple Techniques to Improve Self Esteem

(February 25, 2012)  Self esteem is a feeling that resides in human brain. Social acceptance and self worth increases self esteem. Everyone looks to be self esteemed and thus thinks of different ways to improve self esteem. If you are reading this article, it is obvious that you are looking for effective means to ..

Why Learning Time Management Strategies is Important for Bus ...

(February 23, 2012)  Are you considering doing business but thinking whether you will have enough time to manage everything? These days, many individuals are setting up their own business rather than working under someone else or joining a company. Doing business can bring in many hassles and it may take years to get ..

Reach Your Business Goals and Targets with Business Goal Set ...

(February 22, 2012)  George E. Allen has rightly said, “People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to. " Determination is very important especially if you want to achieve success and set an example for others. .

Good Anger Management Books Teach Ways to Cope with Anger

(February 22, 2012)  When we are angry, it becomes difficult to control over our emotion. Moreover, we find it difficult to have control over our words and make hurtful comments that can damage relationships and create a bad impression on others. When we shout at others or make angry reactions, we tend to hurt our ..

Know About Useful Tips on How to Reduce Stress

(February 22, 2012)  Stress at times appears uncontrollable and inevitable. However, each one of us has the power to fight against the rising levels of stress. All we need to do is familiarize ourselves with the techniques on how to reduce stress. This article discusses about effective stress management tips: How to ..

Time Management Plan Helps You Manage Important Tasks Effici ...

(January 03, 2012)  Time is precious but how many of us really value time or make complete use of time. Many times, we set down to accomplish certain tasks and projects but often end our day doing things we are not supposed to. Procrastination is another problem why many people fail to understand the value of time and .

How Moms can Benefit from Anger Management

(January 02, 2012)  A good mother gets angry. Yes, this is a dirty small secret that working moms, moms at home get hot headed, specially with their kids. Anger does not mean that you do not care for your child or that you do not love them. Anger in moms is the natural expression of concern. Anger management ..

Goal Setting Strategies for Guaranteed Success

(December 27, 2011)  Ever thought of why everyone cannot attain goals in their life? It is because they fail to devise appropriate goal setting strategies. This article will help you discover some effective goal setting strategies. You will be able to attain goals in your life successfully, when you follow these goal ..

Unleash Your Potential with Goal Setting Strategies

(December 27, 2011)  Ever thought of why everyone cannot attain goals in their life? It is because they fail to devise appropriate goal setting strategies. This article will help you discover some effective goal setting strategies. You will be able to attain goals in your life successfully, when you follow these goal ..

Coping with Stress for a Happy and Fulfilling Life

(December 22, 2011)  Stress refers to adverse reactions under stressful situations. Stress can be of three types; physical stress that results out of poor posture, lifting heavy stuffs or standing for long. Chemical stress that results out of poor diet, wrong medication, air, water or food pollution and emotional ..

Boost Your Self Esteem with Self Esteem Self Help Programs

(December 21, 2011)  Do you lack confidence and self-esteem? Just as you have to relax your muscles and increase its flexibility with regular exercises, you need to seek help from self esteem self help programs whenever you are low on self esteem. Confidence is the key to success in life and self esteem self help ..

Identify Triggers for Dealing with Anger

(November 18, 2011)  Sometimes anger seems to surface from nothing but from an infuriated emotion. People around, thinks that he/she must be suffering from anger management issues or maybe there were some legitimate reasons that elicited response of such kind. There are triggers that some people fail to identify and ..


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