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Teresa Mongar 
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Teresa Mongar's Self Improvement Articles

Discover A Relief For Anxiety

(February 05, 2011)  You have probably heard, “you are what you eat". And this is very true when it comes to relief for anxiety or depression. Lots of people who are anxious or depressed feel this way because of what they eat. If you eat foods full of fat, sugar and junk, cut back and start eating healthier. In ..

RELAX! A Proven Technique To Help With Panic

(February 01, 2011)  Once you have experienced several panics attacks, a certain doubt starts to creep into your mind: “What's wrong with me? Why is this happening? Am I Crazy? " People with symptoms tend to fear they have some critical illness like heart problems, cancer or even a brain tumor. Many times, ..

Tips To Stop The Anxiety And Panics Attacks

(January 31, 2011)  One of the secrets to stop the anxiety and panics attacks is to learn to work your way through them. Anyone who has ever undergone the panic and suffering that accompanies these attacks, knows the feeling of fear . . . it's pretty much indescribable to anyone who has not experienced it. Although ..


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