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How to Enjoy 2nd Grade Science

(August 28, 2007)  Remember back when you were in school. Did your science teacher just stand there and present you with a bunch of facts and figures? Was looking at the pictures in the textbook the most fun you had in your science class? This is probably how your child is feeling right now about his or her 2nd grade .

How to Make 2nd Grade Reading Fun

(August 26, 2007)  Teaching your child to love reading and having him or her dread the process can be quite frustrating. It can make you feel as though you are doing something wrong and your child will never love to read. First of all, it is important to stop worrying. There are plenty of great ways to help your ..

1st Grade Math - Ways to Help Your Child Love It

(August 26, 2007)  1st graders don't seem to have a very long attention span, especially when it comes to studying his or her 1st grade math lessons. Kids like to be outside playing the dirt or with their friends. That is why this article is going to talk about making 1st grade math fun and something your child will ..

Sonlight Curriculum Methods and Beliefs

(August 19, 2007)  As you have seen, there is millions of homeschool curriculum out there to choose from. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it can feel that way sometimes. The thing is, not every program is right for every child. Choosing the right one for your child's individual needs is very important. If you have been ..

Calvert Homeschool Methods and Beliefs

(August 19, 2007)  I admire parents who choose to homeschool their children. You have taken your child's education into your own hands to ensure your child is getting the best education possible. Of course parents want what is right for their child. If you have been searching different homeschool curriculum and are ..

Alpha Omega Homeschool Methods and Beliefs

(August 16, 2007)  The decision to homeschool is a life changing choice for both you and your children. What is equally important is what curriculum you are going to use to teach your children what they need to know. Choosing the right homeschool curriculum can be a difficult process because every child is different ..

Singapore Math Methods and Beliefs

(August 15, 2007)  At least for me, Math is one of the most difficult subjects to teach a child. This is especially true if you are homeschooling and you need to be the math teacher. When I started teaching my children, I was worried I would never be able to teach them how to be really good at math considering it ..

Bob Jones Homeschool Methods and Beliefs

(August 15, 2007)  Homeschool is so much fun. Being able to provide your child with the one-on-one attention that he or she wouldn't receive in a public school is very gratifying. However, with all the homeschooling options and different curriculum programs out there it can be a bit overwhelming trying to pick the ..

Apologia Science Homeschool Methods and Beliefs

(August 15, 2007)  I absolutely love Apologia Science and I believe it is the best homeschool science curriculum out there. What I love the most about it, is the fact that if I didn't teach it to my children, they would still learn it! This is because Apologia Science is written in such a way that it requires no ..

Want to Homeschool High School for Your Child?

(August 15, 2007)  With public schools becoming more dangerous and private schools being too expensive, many parents have opted to homeschool high school for their children. The benefits are actually quite wonderful and it allows you to bond with your teenager is many ways. This allows you, as the parent, to make ..

Abeka Books Homeschool Beliefs and Methods

(August 14, 2007)  The Beliefs of Abeka Books: Abeka books is a well known homeschooling program that focuses on teaching your child with traditional Christian values. I really love that they focus on putting God first and base the lessons around those principles. You will never have to worry about any of the ..

Why Shurley English Is The Best Homeschool English Program

(August 14, 2007)  As a parent you want the best programs for your children that you can possibly get. I am the same way, when I was searching for a homeschool English program for my kids I wanted something that would be very unique and effective. This is what led me on the path to discovering Shurley English. About .


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