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Would You Be Happy to See a Team of Nurses?

(August 26, 2007)  Introduction Would it be best for nurses to work in a team? Many professionals debate on this topic and the technique is used or dismissed depending on the hospital director’s present view. On the positive side, nurses working as a team can divide duties and patients will have the ..

Great Places for Nurses to Work

(August 05, 2007)  Introduction Being a nurse is an exciting, noble, and learned profession. It takes a special person to look after the well-being of others. Psychologists agree that it is healthy for those with jobs that are both physically and mentally trying to get a good share of excitement in their spare time. .

Nurses Can't Get Detention for Being Late to School

(July 22, 2007)  Introduction Adults have advantages. Along with other benefits that come with maturity, it is okay for an aspiring nurse to be late to school. It has never been easier to go back to school and get a nursing degree on the Web. One can decide to further their nursing education or begin pursuing an ..

Start A Second Life

(July 08, 2007)  Are you happy? That is a question to ask everyday of your life. Many people begin stages of their life and become so involved in the day-to-day affairs, that they forget to question if they feel fulfilled. Many people are not satisfied with their present job or career. People and things change ..

Opportunity Awaits Those in Nursing School

(June 10, 2007)  Introduction Becoming a nurse is an exciting experience. The hard work and training in school results in a rewarding career. The nursing profession is in great need in all areas. Graduates are satisfied about the options granted to them after their nursing education. Nurses apply direct care and ..

Finding a Nursing Position Will Not be a Hassle

(April 29, 2007)  Introduction Have you devoted your time in becoming a nurse? If so, a lot of hard work must have been devoted to the process. You deserve a great job in return for time invested. The search for a nursing job can be a time-consuming and hassling endeavor. I am happy to say the pursuit, though most ..

Sensors Used to Step Up Security

(April 11, 2007)  Introduction In these times of high awareness of potential threat, there is a greater need for precautionary measures. Explosives, chemical warfare agents, and toxic industrial chemicals present the most immediate threats towards soft targets such as stadiums, malls, theme parks, airports, subways, .


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