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Shubhanyu Jain 
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Life Experience Pays

(April 17, 2007)  The experience you gave gained in life - it pays. It pays rich dividends as you live your days in the world. Experience is the supreme teacher. It teaches you everything either in time or as time passes. Sometimes, however, and this is most true in relationships, you learn when it is too late. ..

Experience is Education

(April 17, 2007)  Suppose we have a child and we just stuff him with textbooks. Nothing he is allowed to interact with - only we allow him to interact with textbooks. What do you think will become of the child? Not talking of the health consequences, let us just say that the child will be very knowledgeable ..

Why Are They Considered Inferior?

(April 08, 2007)  Do they have one or more than two eyes? Are they different than you in physical composition and disposition? Why do you consider them inferior to you in any way? Just because they do not possess a degree as you do? Is that the way to treat fellow humans? Is that what your high-flying degree taught ..

Unmet Demand

(April 08, 2007)  Like I said, if there are not many graduates to meet the demand of the industry, what are you going to do? Obviously, either trim down your industries or find those who are adept at handling your machines and business. Oops. I let out the secret word. Find those adept at handling your business. ..

Some Are More Equal

(April 08, 2007)  It is true that the world stomps the weak and hails the strong. This has been the case for ages - infinity. Same happens in every field - the weak are overshadowed by the strong. There is, however, a different definition to weak and strong here. The weak is the one who does not have a degree, the ..

The Attacks on Online Life Experience Degrees

(March 28, 2007)  It is not uncommon to find forums and discussion boards throwing huge balls of fire in the direction of life experience degrees. A person starts, and others follow suit like a herd. Truth is vastly stranger than fiction, someone once said. Know what? He wasn't lying. Truth is indeed much different .


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