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Jay Granat 
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Tennis Tips, Sports Psychology and Tennis - How to Have a Ki ...

(November 10, 2008)  A big serve is a huge weapon in tennis. A powerful and accurate serve can allow you to control play, keep your opponent on the defensive and win a lot of short points. In order to serve well, you need to have reliable mechanics, an effective pre-serve routine and a range of different serves. In ..

Hitting Tips, Batting Tips, Sports Psychology and Baseball - ...

(November 03, 2008)  Every week, I get calls from parents, from coaches and from baseball players who are concerned because they or someone they are concerned about is stuck in a hitting slump. Hitting a baseball is difficult and when you lose your confidence and your focus, it is very hard to perform well when you ..

Sports Psychology and Football - How to Be a Great Quarterback

(October 27, 2008)  Some of the qualities of great NFL quarterbacks are quite obvious and well known by coaches and by football fans. Top quarterbacks tend to be about 6'3" tall and they typically weigh about two hundred and fifteen pounds. In addition, they need a strong throwing arm, quick feet, the ability to read ..

Sports Psychology - How to Prevent Burn Out in Young Athletes

(October 19, 2008)  Every week, I see athletes who are performing poorly, because they are burnt out in their chosen sport. In many instances, they are unaware or unwilling to admit this fact. And, frequently, their parents are in denial of the fact that their child is mentally and physically spent. Some parents do ..

Sports Psychology For Bowlers - A Very Important Bowling Tip ...

(October 17, 2008)  Do you love bowling? Are you pro or do you bowl in a league or two a few nights a week? Do you love the feeling of seeing the ball in the one-three pocket? Can you feel a strike ball the second it leaves your hand? Do you know what it is like to bowl in the zone and get on a roll? Do you hate ..

Golf Tips - How to Get Out of a Sand Trap Like a Golf Pro

(October 05, 2008)  I counsel lots of golfers. Some of them are professionals, some are highly ranked amateurs and juniors. Others are weekend warriors hoping to win a few more dollars and maybe the club championship. While most pros do not mind hitting out of bunkers, some golfers hate being stuck in the sand. It is .

Sports Psychology - Anger Management For Athletes

(October 05, 2008)  Sports Psychology, Anger Management In Sports: Why Do Some Athletes Snap? Recently, I appeared on ABC's Good Morning America. A producer asked me to comment on the the recent violent act in the Ranger vs. Islander hockey game. I have written on violence in sports in the past and I have been ..


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