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Paul Kramer 
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Golf Grip This is the Way the Experts Correctly Do It

(December 24, 2008)  The grip is the foundation of a good swing, and a good golfer who has a bad grip will find that his or her game suffers severely. The grip is the only contact a player has with the golf club, so great care must be taken with it. Bad habits, especially those concerning the fundamentals of the ..

Golf Trolleys and Golf Gloves What You Should Really Know Ab ...

(December 23, 2008)  Among optional items is a golf trolley to hold your golf bag. For many golfers, trolleys are an essential item since they take the strain out of carrying a full bag. Equally, many golfers can not stand the sight of them. They do not feel that they are playing proper golf unless the bag is slung ..

Gymnastics and Olympic Games - What Other People Are Not Tel ...

(December 14, 2008)  The movement foundation of rhythmic gymnastics originated as long ago as the early 1900s in Germany and France, but the specific rules and conditions which now govern the sport did not come into being until 1962. It was then that the International Gymnastics Federation gave official recognition to .

Development of Gymnastics - What Other People Are Not Tellin ...

(December 14, 2008)  Since its inception in the United Kingdom in 1974, there has been much progress in all aspects of rhythmic gymnastics and in recent years new ideas have developed which have made the sport more interesting, more challenging and more demanding in terms of standards and expectations. In the fifteen ..

Golf - Is it Really a Relaxing Sport?

(November 18, 2008)  Modern day golf is a sport where one hits a ball into a hole on a golf course. The number of strokes a player takes in until the ball goes into the hole. The score is based on how many strokes are made, and is better upon fewer strokes. The origins of golf are not clear. The oldest surviving ..


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