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Late Fall, Lake Erie Walleye - Catch Trophy Walleye From the ...

(December 11, 2008)  When the weather turns cold in late fall right before the ice in, Lake Erie is one of the best fisheries for Walleye. If you are willing to brave the cold you can catch some very large walleye along the Ohio shoreline of Lake Erie. The reason the large walleye are cruising the Ohio coasts of Lake ..

North Carolina Fishing Report

(July 29, 2008)  Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing opportunities in North Carolina, Wow! For example, if you are fishing for North Carolina's native brook trout in a cold mountain stream, The State of North Carolina lunker largemouth bass, Trophy striped bass in a river, Flounder at At Federal Point/ New Hanover ..

Florida Lake Talquin Fishing Reports

(July 27, 2008)  Lake Talquin holds good populations of black bass, Striped bass, white bass, black crappie, bluegill, and redear sunfish. Lake Talquin is one of the best black bass lakes during the winter, But if you want to catch specs, bream, and redear sunfish Lake Talquin is the place to be! The Florida Fish ..

Lake Kissimmee Florida Fishing Report

(July 21, 2008)  Lake Kissimmee is the largest of five main water impoundments on the Kissimmee River in central Florida. Lake Kissimmee fishing reports consistently put this lake on the national map as one of the best largemouth lakes in the nation. The lake has been revitalized in the past decade with implants of .

Florida Lake George Fishing Report

(July 20, 2008)  Florida's Lake George large mouth fishing is rated and reported as another top largemouth lake that is nationally known. This article will concentrate on lake George. We will list 12 Area's on or around the lake that have been known to hold largemouth. You can also visit the Florida Fish and ..

Lake Tohopekaliga Fishing Reports

(July 20, 2008)  Florida's lake Tohopekaliga large mouth fishing is rated and reported as one of the top areas in the USA. Largemouth bass are found in nearly every freshwater impoundments in Florida. More then 7,500 freshwater lakes and rivers lakes are available for fishing freshwater in Florida. Fishermen face a .

Florida Fishing Reports

(July 18, 2008)  Florida's freshwater fishing is a amazing fishing area and many a trophy are taken from these waters annually. Most folks think of saltwater fishing when discussing fishing opportunities in Florida. The saltwater fishing is quite good but the monsters that lay in Florida's inland freshwater rivers, .

Lake Eries Central Basin

(July 15, 2008)  The Central Basin Of Lake is located from about Huron, Ohio, to Erie, Pennsylvania. The Central Basin is wide open water with no Islands and the average water depth is more than 70 feet, Always think safety in these waters, or anywhere on Lake Erie, because boating conditions may change rapidly. Be .

Lake Eries Western Basin

(July 14, 2008)  Lake Erie's Western Basin is a Mecca of fishing opportunities. Good catches of Walleye, yellow perch, small mouth bass, Large Mouth Bass and Panfish can be caught in the western basin of Lake Erie. Walleye and Small Mouth are abundant, and many a trophy of these two species is taken every year from .

Texas Fishing Report

(July 13, 2008)  Texas is a MECA of freshwater and saltwater fishing areas accessible to the public. If you fish in any of Texas's many state parks you do not need a fishing license. Free Fishing in State Parks is designed to encourage more people to get out and enjoy the great sport of fishing. It has long been ..

Lake Erie Fishing Report What to Look For

(July 11, 2008)  When you are looking for Ohio fishing report information for lake Erie there are two main hot spot areas that you need to Focus on. The majority of the many fishing reports you can find for the Ohio Lake Erie Area will concentrate on the Western Basin and Central basin. Both These areas are ..

Top Crappie Fishing Tips

(April 13, 2008)  As new or experienced crappie fisherman we are always looking for new information and top crappie fishing tips that will make our next crappie fishing trip more successful. I would like to share my top crappie fishing with live baits tips with you. The listing is in no particular order. Live bait ..

Live Bait For Crappie

(April 13, 2008)  As new or experienced crappie fisherman we are always looking for new information that can help us be better crappie fisherman. I am always trying to make a decision whether to use live bait or artificial bait when fishing for crappie. Well the answer everyone should tell them selves to be ..

Crappie Honey Hole

(April 05, 2008)  Honey hole for crappie - easy to create your own Crappie frequent structure. If you prepare correctly you can prepare your own crappie “honey holes" . The key is to create crappie holding areas that only you have the location. You can sink brush, plastic and even home made pvc brush piles. ..

Crappie Fishing Mistakes

(March 30, 2008)  How To Avoid Common Mistakes That Can Cut Your crappie Catches 50% or more! Every crappie fisherman has had his good and bad days. The trick is to avoid the common mistakes all crappie fisherman make so you can always increase your chances of a good catch. Lets face it, to most us our fishing time ..

Crappie Fishing Rods

(March 29, 2008)  How to stream line your crappie fishing rods without spending a lot of money. When your crappie fishing it is very important to have the right crappie fishing equipment or you probably will go home empty handed. Don't you hate it when everyone around you seems to know how to catch crappie but you ..

Fishing Spinnerbaits

(March 28, 2008)  Spinnerbaits are an excellent change of pace when fishing for crappie. When we start thinking of crappie fishing most anglers assume we are going to talk about the use of jigs or live baits. Fishing Spinnerbaits is actually a very easy way to fish that offers easy depth control and a added movement .


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