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Baseball Exercises for Strength and Flexibility

(May 07, 2008)  Certainly you're aware of the importance of strength & conditioning for baseball. Long gone are the days of the 155 pound shortstop that barely hit above the Mendoza line. Today's game has dramatically turned into a blend of power, speed and explosiveness and if you're not performing the ..

Baseball Coaching - A Sound Way Of Teaching Values

(April 09, 2008)  For more than a hundred years, baseball has been an institution that we love to play and love to watch, and when it comes to various baseball training techniques, it can also provide us with a rubric with which to live our lives. Many people have realized that the struggle, competition and ..

Baseball Hitting - The Little League World Series

(March 23, 2008)  If you want to see an individual who cares about the game of baseball and the pride of winning, just watch the Little League World Series. It's a baseball event everyone can learn from no matter how old you are. A game where eleven, twelve, and thirteen year old kids take all the baseball training ..

The Origin of Baseball For The Negro Leagues Into The Majors

(March 19, 2008)  It was the Cuban Giants that was hailed as the first professional team in 1885, nearly forty years after the first set of rules were established for the game baseball for white players. Just as Alexander Cartwright was the first pioneer of the game, so was Octavius Catto for the Negro Leagues. It ..

Better Baseball Strength Training With Qi Gong

(February 28, 2008)  Baseball coaching should incorporate some oriental wisdom into their baseball strength training program. Qi Gong, also known as Chi Kung is an ancient oriental art that unites mind, body and spirit while helping the person to be more in touch with their own energy and the earth. It incorporates the .

The Rise and Fall of Baseball Awards

(February 11, 2008)  Society has looked at baseball strength training today, as bad baseball instruction, by worse people. In today's game, baseball strength training and instruction is becoming more and more scrutinized because of all the allegations and findings surrounding steroids. It has caused greats like Roger ..

Baseball Strength Training During The "Dead-Ball" Era

(February 11, 2008)  The teachings of baseball instruction and baseball strength training before the 1920s were crucial in the beginning years of America's pastime. In a time when homeruns were not nearly as popular as they have been in the last ten years, the “dead ball" era was a time of brilliant coaches using .

Baseball Positions And Baseball Coaching

(February 11, 2008)  With nine different positions, have you ever thought about all the baseball coaching and baseball drills that goes into each position? There are several, and you will find that positions like the “pitcher" is subject to more training then just pitching the ball. This is why, when children are .

What Are Good Batting Gloves For Baseball Drills?

(February 06, 2008)  For anyone doing baseball drills, it is a known fact that equipment is a necessary requirement in order to compete. For those who are serious about the game of baseball, good batting gloves for baseball training and in your baseball drills is a key piece that every player needs when behind the ..

The Baseball Bat And Its Relevance To Baseball Training

(January 30, 2008)  Before there were any batting cages or tees to teach hitting techniques through baseball training, there was simply a ball and a baseball bat. Just picture someone cutting down a big tree and cutting it in a long enough length to shave it down so a person could swing it. At 2.75 inches in diameter ..

The History of Baseball Training

(January 29, 2008)  The history of baseball training and baseball drills can be traced way back to the 18th century, so covers a huge number of generations of players, and had a whole bucket full of names including; Goal Ball, Round Ball and one was called simply ‘Base’ before baseball was settled on ..

Bodybuilding Supplements of Digestive Enzymes

(January 28, 2008)  Enzymes, like those found in bodybuilding supplements are simple or conjugated proteins synthesized by all kinds of living organisms, animals as well as plants. They act like biochemical catalysts that facilitate and accelerate biochemical reactions taking place inside our body. Enzymes that aid ..

Bodybuilding Supplements And Your Gene Type

(January 28, 2008)  Bodybuilding supplements are the same for everyone right? Think again. If you have ever had a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance of yours about certain supplements that you should try or a food that is full of certain vitamins and minerals that might have a desirable effect on you and ..

Bodybuilding Supplements and the Right Mindset

(January 27, 2008)  Deciding to get into bodybuilding with or without taking bodybuilding supplements is a monumental decision, and one that can easily affect the rest of your life-for the good. If you combine it with the right kind of diet and adequate mindset, bodybuilding can be fun and relaxing, and work very well .

Clothing For Baseball Training

(January 27, 2008)  As for any sport, apart from baseball training and baseball drills, sports clothing has reflected the morals, standards, fashions and dress codes of the society or group playing the sport. More often than not throughout history, the acceptable standard of cover was more important than the ..

Fish Oil Can Enhance Your Bodybuilding Performances

(January 21, 2008)  If you have ever considered taking bodybuilding supplements, you should truly consider the importance of natural products. More specifically, you should consider omega 3 fatty acids. You can get omega 3 fatty acids from certain fish or fish oil supplements. These nutrients provide positive benefits .


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