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Safety Should Come First When Using Airsoft Products

(October 20, 2008)  Airsoft is quickly catching up with other combat role playing games in the United States and Europe as the favored way to indulge in combat play. Some opt to use these guns in military simulation or just for the love of the sport in target practice. Because the weapons shoot pellets at rates of ..

The Responsibilities of Owning an Airsoft Gun Go Beyond Safety

(October 20, 2008)  Whether you like informal skirmishes in woodland areas or are involved in major role playing at organized sites, Airsoft guns allow for relatively safe combat play. Owning one, however, comes with a lot of responsibilities that go far beyond simply taking proper care of your firearm and playing by ..

Airsoft Guns Growing in Popularity For Combat Sports Play

(October 17, 2008)  Airsoft is a relatively new combat sport in North America. It isn't as well known as paintball, but the sales of airsoft guns are increasing steadily each year. The game is very similar to paintball, using strict rules for taking shots, keeping score and how participants are expected to maneuver ..

The Choice of Golf Academies Expands Young People's Horizons

(October 17, 2008)  It was a warm spring day when Freddy Fallon got the news. At the time, he wasn't familiar with the game of golf, but he accepted the invitation by a couple of old friends anyway, who had gone off to attend different golf academies after high school. He needed to get his mind off things anyway. The ..

Start an Enriching Career With a Good Golf School

(September 22, 2008)  Many people dream of having a job that they enjoy doing. And as many people know, golf is one of today's biggest sports. It has opened doors to many career opportunities. But while working on your passion is a great thing, circumstances do not always guarantee it. As an old saying goes, we are the ..


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