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Care and Feeding Of Your Pool Cue

(August 08, 2007)  Once you've invested in your first pool cue, you want to take care of it. A quality cue that's cared for will be your faithful companion for years. Caring for your cue starts during your game. You've seen every pool shark worth their chalk pause to file the tip, chalk their cue or otherwise give it .

Billiard Balls To Fit Your Pool Playing Style

(August 08, 2007)  The average home player may not notice a difference between a lighter billiard ball and a heavier one. A pool player who plays professionally or on the tournament circuit will not only notice a difference in the balls, they will notice an improvement in their play and control if they use the ..

Accessorizing Your Pool Table

(August 08, 2007)  Whether you are a bar owner with a room set up for pool or a home owner designing your rec room or basement table area, creating the right ambiance and having the right accessories is key to the whole pool playing experience. Having a pool table at all is fantastic, but playing is much more fun ..

One Stop Shopping For The Next Paul Newman or Tom Cruise

(August 08, 2007)  You dream of becoming a true pool shark, like Paul Newman in The Hustler or he and Tom Cruise in the movie Color of Money. You want to be one of a handful of real life “household name" pool players like Minnesota Fats. Before you can do any of that, you have to practice your game. To really ..

Accessorize Your Pool Game

(July 20, 2007)  Whether your pool table is a bar room centerpiece, a tournament cornerstone or the focal point of your home bar or rec room, you will want to make sure you have all the right gear to go with it. A “naked" pool table won't get played, but a pool table with all of the proper accessories will. ..

Pool Cues Of The Stars

(July 20, 2007)  Certain people on the professional pool circuit are household names: Allison Fisher, Karen Corr, Jeanette Lee, Johnny Archer, and Earl Strickland come to mind. Perhaps the most widely recognized of these are Allison Fisher and Jeanette Lee, although for different reasons. Fisher has become a ..


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