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How To Get A Better Golf Swing

(January 09, 2008)  How does the perfect golf swing of a professional player and tournament winner differ from that of a rookie? The swing consists of five phases namely Setup, Back swing, Transition, Down swing and Follow through. Professional golfers have a consistent, repeatable and accurate swing sequence. To ..

Towards a Better Golf Swing Sequence

(January 09, 2008)  As a new comer to the world of golf it is easy to be perplexed by the golf swing sequence. Most new comers to the game simply go right ahead and use all their strength on the swing only to realize that it doesn't work. The correct golf swing is not just about strength and not a matter of being able .

4 Putting Training Tips For Golf

(January 09, 2008)  The putting stroke requires very limited and controlled movements. Uncontrolled movements like sliding, lifting or swaying can lead to miss-hits thereby adversely affecting your performance. Similarly, you need to train your eyes to stay stationed over the ball. Putting requires concentration and ..

3 Golf Putting Tips You Have To Know About

(December 04, 2007)  Putting is the most delicate part of Golf. While you can live with ending up a few feet off on your drive or approach, with putting you have to be dead on target or you've just added a stroke to your score. Many players pay more attention to their swings and invest less of their time on practicing ..


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