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In Your Golf Swing, What Starts the Downswing - Is it Your H ...

(July 28, 2008)  From the very beginning of golf instruction the first move down to the ball has created confusion. And since video has been in the mix it has created even more confusion. The accepted golf instruction " first move down" was and to some degree, still is, started with your feet. From the ground up. .

Do You Believe That Golf Instruction Can Make You a Better P ...

(July 20, 2008)  Over the past two years or so, I have spent tons of time and effort trying to learn how to show golfers, through the power of the pen, how to get in touch with their golf swings. How golf instruction should lead them to a conclusion that you can develop a useful, repeatable, and affective golf ..

If You Really Want to Get Rid of That Slice Do This Drill an ...

(June 27, 2008)  The Slice. . . The dreaded how far to the right will it go fear. Or how far to the left can you hit it and still have it stay in the fairway to your right. There is no talking to a slice. It has a mind of its own. And it will make you crazy if you don't get rid of it. We all have lived the life ..

Shocking Here I Will Give You the Golf Lesson of a Lifetime, ...

(June 26, 2008)  How many times have you gone to the range or to the course and practiced and played and said to yourself. . " there, I've finally figured it out “ If your answer is never, you don't need to read any further, you are done. Go away! If you are one that this has happened to. . you have plenty ..

With All This Yak'n About Angles In Your Golf Swing, Don't F ...

(April 30, 2008)  Picture this: you are on the range and are practicing as if you were playing, hitting shots and picking targets. Your main idea here is to create and maintain your angles through-out your golf swing. The articles on these angles can be found previous articles written by this author. This article .

Power Sources That You Can Use to Increase Distance and Accu ...

(March 23, 2008)  In the last article on the subject of “power sources" we talked about the importance of angles. We discussed how to create these angles and how to keep them once they were established. The angle between the right wrist and the forearm is key. These angles are the meat and potatoes of your ..

Discover The Secrets to Lower Scores, Short Game Magic First ...

(August 07, 2007)  So. . you've hit a pretty good tee ball. You have 157 yard to the middle of the green. You take your selected club after careful consideration, and you are ready to attack the pin. Whack! You hit a great shot, it's heading right at the pin. ( this is exciting) And then, out of nowhere, a gust of ..

Golf Instruction, What To Do When Your Golf Swing Quits Working

(July 23, 2007)  Picture this, you have arrived at the range and are ten minutes into your practice. So far you have hit the ball great and are really getting into the groove that you thought you could. And it sure feels good to get that confident feeling on every shot. Right? Ok . . so all of a sudden, out of no ..

Discover What "Lag" Really is and How to Create it. Tap Into ...

(July 22, 2007)  Just the other day I was on the range working out a few misdeeds that my swing had slipped in to. When I noticed a youngest fellow ( I live in Florida under 60 is young) on the range with what appeared to be a very nice golf swing. One that appeared that golf instruction and him were not strangers. .

Angles = Leverage, Leverage = Power, Power = Distance, No An ...

(July 18, 2007)  Golf instruction is based on the need to know doctrine. It is also based on the goal of the student. Some times getting the ball in the air is good enough. And so when you take a golf lesson and learn to do that, well, you are done. Good!! Some of you, however, have higher aspirations. Your goals ..

Golf Instruction Often Has it Wrong, Here is an Excellent Ex ...

(July 03, 2007)  Manipulation, Constant Correct, Continuous Confusion, Mired in Contradictions. . all meaningful phrases that perfectly describe the average attitude and execution of the golf swing. And there is a very good reason for these phrases. You are doing it wrong. Otherwise you would never be in constant .

Here Is A Great Golf Swing Drill That Eliminates Your Slice ...

(April 12, 2007)  I am going to tell you about a quick drill you can do to prove to yourself that you can hit a little draw and completely eliminate that nasty slice in 10 minutes or less. Providing you do exactly what you learn here. First let's just take a minute and review the causes of slicing the ball. In a ..

Golf Instruction - Here Are Some Quick & Easy Fixes For ...

(April 09, 2007)  You have finally found the time to get out on the course and put into play the golf lesson you have been practicing for the last few weeks. Your golf swing instruction has finally kicked in and you feel you are ready to expose your " A " game to your playing partners. So off you go. You are on ..

How Would You Like To Have Some Serious "POP" in Y ...

(April 02, 2007)  My Friends know me as a fairly long hitter. I swing hard to get maximum clubhead speed. Because I swing hard, it is sometimes difficult to stay in sequence. That means that at impact it not exactly perfect. Or better said, it was yet another miss-hit. A mis-hit means that I just lost a ton of ..

Are You Still Hitting A Slice Even After Golf Instruction?

(March 26, 2007)  So the week is over and you and your group are finally at the first tee. And you are so glad you have a chance to play a round with your friends and just forget about work and all that goes with it. It's a beautiful day. Sun is shining bright and warm, the sky is so blue it can't be real. What a ..


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