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Thomas Straub 
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Fishing Equipment That Works For You

(July 17, 2007)  What is a lure or a floater? Do you know if you should use it in a lake or a river? When you have chosen your perfect, or near perfect, fishing spot, its important to find out what fishing equipment will work the best. Although, most fishing only requires a hook, bait, a casting rod, and a fishing ..

Golf Rules Past and Present

(April 14, 2007)  In the beginning, golf games were played by hitting a stone or a makeshift ball across a field until it traveled over a line or similar type of goal. Later, a rabbit hole was added and eventually became the ultimate target. But, how did golf grow into the modern, sophisticated game of today? ..

The Best Kind of Golf Clubs

(March 31, 2007)  How do you figure out the best type of golf clubs to buy? First off, you probably will want to find out about a little of their history and how golf clubs and golf balls have changed as they have improved to become what they are today. Here are some quick highlights about golf equipment. 1. Why ..


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