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Why You Need A Golf Fitness Program

(April 18, 2008)  Most people think that you do not need to do any exercises to be good at such a leisurely and laid back game as golf. But they're wrong. Golf may look easy to those who do not play it, but golf, surprisingly, is a sport that requires the same degree of athleticism that other sports demand of their ..

Custom Golf Bags Are Not Just For The Pro's

(March 06, 2007)  Custom golf bags are usually the big bags you see the touring pro's using. They are the staff bags with big company sponsors on them. These bags come loaded to the hilt with space, and comes that is a bag that can weigh substantially more than your standard cart or stand bag. There are many ..

Discount Golf Bags Are Easy On The Wallet

(March 06, 2007)  Don't be ashamed if you are looking for discount golf bags to save a buck! This does not mean you're settling on a poor quality bag, nor does it mean it is used. It just means you're being a smart shopper and are willing to spend a little time to get a good price. The best place to find golf bags ..

Travel Golf Bags Suit All Golf Travel Needs

(February 18, 2007)  You can get hard travel bags and soft travel bags, and your decision should be based on your golfing travel needs rather than any other consideration. Price is important, of course, and that will also make a difference as to what you finally opt for, but the type of travel you are involved with is ..

You Can Fix A Golf Slice If You Know What Causes It

(February 17, 2007)  You can fix a golf slice if you know what causes it. There are several causes for a golf slice, some common, others not so. However, if you know what you are doing wrong, then you can put it right. Never compensate with the direction of your shot to overcome a slice. This does not cure the ..

Golf Putting Drill To Make More Short Putts During Your Round

(February 02, 2007)  The dreaded 4 to 5 foot putt. Do you drain many of these during a round? If not, you are in need of a golf putting drill. . . or two to improve this. Making this distance putt can save many pars and shave strokes off your score. It's worth it to incorporate some golf putting drills into your ..

Improve Your Short Game With A Golf School

(January 25, 2007)  How much time do you spend on your short game? Do you think a golf school specifically geared to your short game would help improve your current score? I'll bet you could shave at least 4 strokes off your score immediately after going to a golf school for your putting, chipping, pitching and bunker .

Golf Swing Instruction Will Improve Your Swing Technique And ...

(January 19, 2007)  Do you see the need for instruction for your golf swing? Most amateur golfers have subpar swing mechanics, plenty of swing flaws, and could greatly benefit from the use of an instructor for their swing. There are many forms of instruction you can look into. You can get it out of golf magazines; on .

Golf Putting Instruction Can Shave Strokes Off Your Score

(January 19, 2007)  Do you believe to improve your putting, golf instruction might help? Have you ever taken a putting lesson? Or, for that matter, really learned the fundamentals of proper putting? If you haven't, you really need to take a serious look at it. Putting is a direct impact on your golf score. There is ..

Has Golf Instruction Helped Your Game?

(January 18, 2007)  Have you had any golf instruction recently? If so, did it help your golf swing and game? I am curious because I have had some good experiences and some very bad ones in regards to instruction for golf from a teaching pro. The Right Approach Just like with any service you buy, the approach that is ..


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