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How Inexpensive Small Boats Let You Feel Bill Gates Rich!

(July 11, 2008)  Thinking about inexpensive small boats? Thinking about finally being able to call yourself a real boat owner? Someone who could legitimately get a subscription to a boating magazine for real? The fact of the matter is that small inflatable boats have really come into their own. . . especially in ..

Owning a New Boat and Feeling Every Bit the Captain!

(July 11, 2008)  Thinking about owning a new boat but you're not sure if something that big is ever going to happen? Boy, let me sit right next to you on that one. I would guess that the majority of people in this country NEVER thought that they would be able to see themselves owning a new boat. Think about it. ..

Own a Boat Yes You!

(July 11, 2008)  Ever think you would one day own a boat? Neither did I. In fact, I put owning a boat up into the same category as owning a house in Colorado, traveling 300 days a year and getting to the Hillary Step on Mt. Everest some day. It was NOT going to happen. Then the price of gas went and completely ..

Own a Motor Boat Suddenly, Its Now Very Doable!

(July 11, 2008)  Ever thought you'd own a motor boat? Neither did I. It always seemed completely out of reach. It always felt “reserved" for the upper financial class. And the saddest fact is, I actually grew to accept that. I would see families out on their boats and think to myself that it just wasn't ..

Why Own a Boat? For Starters, the Earth is 72% Covered by Wa ...

(July 11, 2008)  Asking yourself why own a boat these days? Be honest. Up until recently, I asked myself that question. Then the answers that came in were largely negative. . . the price of maintaining it, the price of gas, the price of oil. . . YOU GET THE PICTURE. I was literally able to find a ton of reasons ..

Free Boats Care to Win One?

(July 11, 2008)  Free boats! Sound impossible? Read on. We all know that there are tons of things out there that are 100% free. Usually the intention of anything given away for free is to get the person receiving it to fall in love with it and the person who gave it to them! Sorry to pull the curtains on that ..

Can I Afford a New Boat? Better Yet, Can I Afford NOT to Get ...

(July 11, 2008)  Okay. . . can I afford a new boat yes or no? I know that my entire adult life, I have leaned toward the answer to that one being a solid as a rock “no. " I mean this is a boat we're talking about. Can I really afford a boat? Here's the surprising answer that I was NOT ready for. YES. The ..

The Best Inflatable Boats Story Mine!

(July 10, 2008)  What's your best inflatable boats story? This is mine. . . I had arranged a business meeting during the week on the southern shore of Long Island. I was wearing business casual, but nice clothes. Pressed oxford, nice shoes, maybe even some gel in the hair. What I did NOT KNOW was that the house ..

Owning Inflatable Boats and 5 Year Warranties When Did Life ...

(July 10, 2008)  Owning inflatable boats was to me something I never really thought about. For that matter, I never really thought about owning a huge, gas guzzling water vehicle either. But after taking a ride in a 12 foot inflatable recently, my entire outlook on life (and how great it really is) changed ..

Find Best Inflatable Boats Without Going Overboard!

(July 10, 2008)  Find best inflatable boats and realize that now there's absolutely NO reason to go overboard doing so! That's my new mantra. My mission. My passion. It all started on a brilliantly sunny late morning in July. I was invited out for a spin on a gorgeous 12 foot inflatable. And to be quite honest, I ..

Most Affordable Inflatable Boats Can You Say FACTORY DIRECT?

(July 10, 2008)  The most affordable inflatable boats are the ones that come Factor Direct. Period. All other inflatables have other costs built in. . . costs that guess who is going to have to pick up! In this day and age, the amount of people between the actual manufacturer and you and your 16 digits on your ..

Inflatable Dinghy Fun to Own, Hard to Say Without Giggling!

(July 10, 2008)  An inflatable dinghy. . . can you see yourself in one? If you're looking for a great boat that is easy to use, doesn't cost a fortune and is safe for the whole family you can't go wrong with an inflatable dinghy. Choosing an inflatable dinghy over a traditional dinghy just makes sense if you do a ..

Affordable Boats Can You Really Afford to Go Through Life Wi ...

(July 03, 2008)  So. . . you're looking into affordable boats huh? Whoa, get in line, because as tough as the economy is right now, and as confused as this election is right now, the demand for affordable boats is surprisingly through the roof! Not too long ago, the idea of boat ownership conjured up images of ..

I'm Thinking About Buying an Inflatable Boat - Anyone Think ...

(July 02, 2008)  I'm thinking about buying an inflatable boat. There, I said it, it's out there and I feel good about it. A category that I would NEVER have even sneezed at even a few years ago is suddenly very attractive to me and what I want with my hard earned money and my time left to enjoy it. I'm ..

Ahoy There! Ready to Find the Best Inflatable Boats?

(July 02, 2008)  Looking for the best inflatable boats? Okay, then let's not talk about the fabrics or the cone tails versus non cone tails, or the hand hewn stitching or the sleep new designs that have really caught the attention of everyone from boat shows to beaches. . . let's talk about something everyone wants .

How to Get an Inflatable Boat and Not Take a Bath!

(July 02, 2008)  Want to get an inflatable boat and you're frightened that the big bad internet is going to have you doing all sort of things you really don't want to do? You're not alone. In fact, there is a very real fear of buying on the net. While some people cannot live without it now (and they go and will ..

Buy an Inflatable Boat, Avoid Inflated Prices!

(July 02, 2008)  Looking to buy and inflatable boat? Looking to get your piece of the American dream of owning a water vehicle and being able to head out onto the lake or the ocean or the bay or the river and feel at one with nature in a way that you might never thought you would be able to afford? There is a ..

How Small Inflatable Boats Create Big Lasting Memories

(June 28, 2008)  Looking for small inflatable boats? Phew, you are so not alone on this one. It seems that people everywhere near water anywhere are looking into small inflatable boats in a very big way. Why? Because the costs of purchasing, maintaining and operating a regular sized boat was ALREADY out of ..

Affordable Inflatable Boats Seems Like Everyones Hitting the ...

(June 28, 2008)  Looking into affordable inflatable boats? It's funny, if you say inflatable boats to most people the first images that pop to mind on the surface is the affordability of them. The huge differences between full sized boats and affordable inflatable boats is becoming more and more striking as time ..

Funny How Rigid Inflatable Boats Take Us Out of Being So Rigid!

(June 28, 2008)  Rigid inflatable boats. Sounds a bit odd, doesn't it? Guess what, it's anything but. The rigid inflatable boats Plain and simple. . . that's exactly what has happened. In return, the manufacturers and the distributors to these rigid inflatable boats, perhaps those with plywood floors, have ..

Info on Inflatable Boats Boy, Who Pumped This Industry Up Wh ...

(June 27, 2008)  Looking for info on inflatable boats? Boy do I have some revealing news. While no one was paying much attention to the category, it went and got all grown up! While inflatable boats were originally developed for military use, their ease of use and durability and cost effectiveness very quickly got ..

Inflatable Boats Their Owners Are Literally Laughing at Gas ...

(June 26, 2008)  Inflatable boats. Wow have these things come into their own. Blame in all on $4/gallon for gas, but the reality is that the inflatable boating manufacturers have really been designing smarter and more gorgeous designs. Couldn't have come at a better time. Imagine being able to take a few of the ..


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