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The Swish Drill

(October 17, 2008)  Place your left hand on the end of a long iron or wood so that the club is held vertically at arm's length away from the body. Use your right hand to initiate a one arm backswing and underhand follow-through. Next, you can throw a golf ball down the target line to improve direction and ..

Hitting the Fairway Woods

(October 17, 2008)  Groove the perfect fairway wood swing. . . Hitting a fairway wood is very similar to hitting a driver in regard to the setup, although you'll discover the best results if you play the ball a bit farther back in your stance than where you'd play it with a driver. As for the swing, Tour players ..

Playing Golf in Windy Conditions

(October 17, 2008)  The golfer who learns to use the wind will be a winner. The basic principal to remember is that the wind moves the ball, therefore, don't fight it, adjust to it. In a crosswind, allow the distance you expect the wind to move the ball and hit a normal shot, aiming left or right to compensate for the .

Common Faults With the Grip

(October 16, 2008)  The two most important and common errors associated with gripping the club are poor hand position and gripping force. The “baseball grip" is probably the most common flaw, especially among men. Gripping the golf club as one would grip a baseball bat places control of the club in the palm of ..

Uphill Pitch Shots Made Easy

(October 16, 2008)  Even players with good touch have trouble with uphill pitches, often sticking their wedges into the turf and leaving these shots well short of the pin. Their mistake is playing the uphill shot exactly as they would one of the same length from a flat lie. To compensate for an upslope lie, you need ..

Trouble Shot - Playing From the Woods

(October 16, 2008)  When the ball is hit into the woods, the first objective should be to get out without further penalty. If there is a wide opening to the green without low hanging branches, a player can fire for the green just as any other shot. However, this is a rare situation; usually the golfer should seek a ..

Flying Right Elbow

(October 16, 2008)  This is a very common problem among golfers and leads to timing problems on the down swing. If your swing ever feels jammed or bunched up coming in to the ball, chances are your right arm traveled too far behind you on your back swing. A great way to keep your right arm in check is to focus on ..


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