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When Neoconservative Meets Taxation The Growing Chasm Within ...

(July 30, 2008)  The clash of neoconservatism with the basic Republican concepts of small federal government and low levels of taxation has created a chasm in the Republican party. On one hand neoconservatism has its basis in the three main principles of the unilateral use of force, the belief in preventive action ..

McCain Reverses Position on Offshore Drilling Oil Contributi ...

(July 30, 2008)  In mid-June John McCain reversed his stance on offshore drilling, and called to lift the federal moratorium. McCain said that his reversal came because, “We have untapped oil reserves of at least 21 billion barrels in the United States. But a broad federal moratorium stands in the way of ..

Review The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder by Vince ...

(July 26, 2008)  Interested by the premise of the book “The Prosecution of George Bush for Murder" given the prolific nature of the author (Bugliosi being the prosecutor of Charles Manson), I decided to read and review it. The book is broken down into two main sections, the first being the rational for why we .

McCain Adopts Obamas Iraq Plan Accuses Him of Flip Flopping

(July 26, 2008)  John McCain needs to find a point of attack against Barack Obama and stick to it if he wants to win the election. While labeling Kerry a “flip flopper" in 2004 helped to reelected President Bush, its not going to work for McCain in 2008. McCain, after saying such things as “Obama would ..


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