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Why Should Hillary Clinton Voters Support John McCain?

(August 31, 2008)  This year Senator Clinton received 18 million votes from her supporters. Though she ran a good campaign she somehow found herself behind in a battle against the most liberal and least qualified of all party candidates, Barack Obama. And even as she quickly closed the gap on him and was about to ..

The 2008 Elections - Will You Get Exactly What You Wish For?

(August 10, 2008)  Back in 2006 the Democrat Party and their Mainstream Media sponsors initiated an ad campaign that rightfully exposed those Republicans who were abusing their power. The Republicans who had seized control of both Houses in 1994 by promising Conservatism had reneged on their, “Contract with ..

Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos - The Ninja Option?

(April 23, 2008)  By now you have to have been pulling a Castaway number to have not heard of Operation Chaos. For those aspiring Robinson Crusoe's among you, Op. Chaos is a brilliant creation of Rush Limbaugh. What he has done is to give all those Conservatives who have missed out on voting against John McCain a ..

Now Who Was It That Said, Washington Is Broken?

(March 01, 2008)  This is perhaps the most bizarre Republican Primary Election that I've ever witnessed. As a matter of fact, the entire GOP looks like it is going over the edge. In my mind, it is an unholy alliance that my party has wrapped its arms around the most Liberal of all our Candidates to run for President .


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