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A Tale Of Growth

(March 21, 2008)  Once upon a time there was a small Village called Small Village and the 500 people who lived there were very, very happy. In this Small Village the families were fertile and multiplied by about 5 kids per family on average (due to the times because illness sometimes stole the life of some ..

Is the Volunteer Spirit Dying?

(February 07, 2008)  I was dismayed at the following comment from a person running for office: “If you don't pay higher money to elected officials you will have nothing but Zeros. " If you want to be rich you should not run for town council or village president in the small rural communities. What is proven ..

December 6th Should be Santa Claus Day

(January 05, 2008)  St. Nicolas died on December 6th. He was a man who gave his entire inheritance helping the poor. I think Santa Claus should be on December 6th as not to confuse children and not to be mixed up with the Christian observation of Christ's Birthday. I think in Switzerland it is fun to make a sweet ..


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