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Fighting Corruption in Projects

(April 10, 2007)  The World Bank Institute (WBI) supports operations by strengthening country capacity in all these areas. WBI particularly works to strengthen societal instruments of accountability by supporting media development, parliamentarians, legal and judicial reform, civic participation, private sector ..

Governance and Anti-Corruption

(April 10, 2007)  AT A GLANCE: The World Bank Group has a new strategy to scale up assistance to improve governance and fight corruption in client countries. The strategy was unanimously endorsed by the Board on March 20, 2007. The Bank helps strengthen governance and address corruption through projects and ..

Role of the World Bank's International Development Association

(April 10, 2007)  The Monterrey Consensus, in addition to framing commitments for increased ODA, “codified” the call for development effectiveness. This call was reinforced in July 2002, when donors to the Bank’s International Development Association (IDA)—the world’s primary source of ..

2007 Poll - Group Seeks US Intervention in Nigeria's Affairs

(April 10, 2007)  2007 poll: Group seeks US intervention in Nigeria’s affairs A United States-based Council for Foreign Relations, has called for an urgent intervention in the political affairs of Nigeria to prevent a collapse of the country’s renascent democracy. The CFR, in a report made available to ..

The World Bank's Approach to Clean Energy & Climate Change

(April 10, 2007)  The World Bank Group is focusing its efforts on four fronts. Helping developing countries to move to a lower carbon path by exploiting renewable energy resources, supporting energy conservation, and increasing efficiency. The share of renewable energy and energy efficiency lending by the World ..

Nigerian president Obasanjo Tasks African Soldiers

(April 10, 2007)  President Olusegun Obasanjo on Tuesday advised African military officers who seek public office to drop their uniforms and contest elections. The President gave the advice while addressing members of the ECOWAS Committee of Experts on Peace and Security at State House in Abuja. The committee ..

Development Effectiveness

(April 10, 2007)  AT A GLANCE: The international commitment to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) recognizes the need for scaling up the volume and quality of aid. This commitment, stemming from a global consensus reached at the 2002 UN Conference on Financing for Development in Monterrey, also calls for all ..

100 Percent Debt Cancellation - The Multilateral Debt Relie ...

(April 10, 2007)  On March 28, 2006, the Board of IDA approved IDA’s participation in the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI), requiring IDA to cancel all debt outstanding and disbursed owed by HIPCs to IDA as of end-2003 as soon as these countries reached the HIPC completion point. The Bank began ..

The Clean Energy Investment Framework (CEIF)

(April 10, 2007)  The G8 Gleneagles Summit in Scotland two years ago asked the World Bank to produce a roadmap for accelerating investments in clean energy for the developing world, in cooperation with the other international financial institutions. The Clean Energy Investment Framework (CEIF) identifies the scale ..

Social Well-Being, Risk Management, and Reducing Vulnerability

(April 10, 2007)  Commodity risk management. Price and weather risk management insurance provide farmers and institutions in developing countries better tools to manage exposure to price and weather fluctuations and potentially expand access to credit. Pilots are underway in India, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, ..

Enhancing Agricultural Productivity and Competitiveness

(April 10, 2007)  Promoting Innovation Approach. The agriculture sector continues to evolve based on shifting demand patterns, improved technology, integrating trade, and the market. Learning from the industrial sector, the Bank is exploring innovation systems approach to address the demands and forces that impact ..

Agriculture Investments Stabilize at Around $2 billion, but ...

(April 10, 2007)  World Bank investments in agriculture are stable at around $2 billion for FY06. This year marked a notable lending increase in the Africa region, with investments rising from $295 million in FY05 to $685 million in FY06. The increase represents the highest level of lending in agriculture since FY90 .

Agriculture & Rural Development

(April 10, 2007)  AT A GLANCE: Agriculture is essential to reducing poverty, with a 34 percent share of GDP in low income countries. Three out of every four poor people in developing countries live in rural areas and 2.1 billion survive on less than $2 a day. Over 80 percent of the rural poor depend directly or ..

Climate Change

(April 10, 2007)  Climate change is both a development and environmental issue. A global consensus is emerging that climate change is an issue that cannot wait and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Today there is a double challenge: how to reduce damaging carbon emissions and still meet the energy ..

Why the World Bank Engages Civil Society

(April 10, 2007)  The World Bank recognizes that collaboration between civil society, government, and the private sector can significantly enhance efforts to promote economic growth and sustainable social development. Civil society, in particular, plays an important role in development by: Ensuring that voices of ..

Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration

(April 10, 2007)  Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). This strategic alliance of countries, international and regional organizations and private foundations supports 15 international agricultural research centers that mobilize cutting-edge food and environmental science to foster ..

Civil Society

(April 10, 2007)  Civil society has grown exponentially over the past decades and today is recognized as an important development actor throughout the world; monitoring public policies, providing technical expertise, and partnering with governments to provide community services. The Bank has greatly increased its ..


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