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Vedic Book Teachings of the Mantras

(October 03, 2008)  In many vedic books individuals can learn about the mantra teachings of the past, which are a variety of chants or hymns that are recognized in the ancient traditions and beliefs. Understand the chanting of these ancient mantras, which are often thought of as a primordial language, can help the ..

A Look at the Ancient Vedic Civilization Through the Vedas

(October 03, 2008)  Individuals can read about the ancient vedic civilizations that were associated with the India and Hindu societies through many vedic books that are now available on the market today. These books will give individuals a much more in dept look at these marvelous civilizations of old. These ancient ..

A Vedic View of Nature

(October 03, 2008)  There are a number of vedic books available on the market today that concentrate on the subject of nature and all of the little intricacies surrounding it. The environment in which each individual lives is part of nature surrounding that individual. Have you ever taken the time to sit on your ..

Vedic Books Teaching Ancient Traditions

(October 03, 2008)  There are a great many vedic books on the market today that will teach individuals the ancient traditions used by the ancient Indian and Hindu societies. These traditions still have meanings that are relevant to our society during this modern technological era and many individuals are seeking out ..

Drums and Worship - The Rhythm of Religion

(October 01, 2008)  Drum music can be moving in the extreme. It is vital, powerful and speaks to our most basic instincts. Perhaps this is because the purpose of drum music is, in essence, to provide a beat that can be heard by everyone. The beat unites the listeners, puts them all in the same time and space, and ..

Different Religious Expressions With Figurines

(August 28, 2008)  Religion is an important part of our society, and around the world. In the homes of many Christians, Catholics, Jews, and Buddhists, there are figurines. These figurines may be different from each other in some ways, but they may all express a common theme: a belief in God. These beliefs are ..

Understanding the Meaning of Tantra

(August 28, 2008)  There is a general lack of understanding among people concerning Tantra. What is Tantra? What benefits can Tantra have for me? There is no single solid definition for Tantra, as it can encompass several different subjective meanings and connotations. We can examine the common beliefs about Tantra, ..

A Public Library System Trashing Used Books

(August 26, 2008)  Recently, in February of this year in fact, a particular public library system was investigated and found guilty of tossing garbage bags full of used library books into their dumpsters. Several of these books were still in excellent condition and this was not just a one time occurrence either. The .

Introduction to the Epic Mahabharata

(August 23, 2008)  Traditionally, Hindus ascribe the authorship of the Mahabharata to Vyasa. The first section of the Mahabharata states that it was Ganesha who, at the request of Vyasa, wrote down the text to Vyasa's dictation. Ganesha is said to have agreed to write it only on condition that Vyasa never pause in ..

The Five Most Important Limbs of Devotional Practice

(August 12, 2008)  Among the 64 limbs of devotional practices, there are five main limbs of that which can award one love of God. They are: associating with devotees, studying Srimad Bhagavatam, chanting the holy name of Sri Krishna, worshipping His form and residing in a holy place. The power of these five limbs ..

Mundane Attachments - The Cause of Spiritual Failure

(August 12, 2008)  One of the main reasons for reincarnation is that living beings have attachment towards the products of material nature such as families and friends. Until one detaches oneself completely from them one will not escape from the vicious circle. Attachment to mundane things or too much attachment to ..

Wicca is a Positive Influence

(July 31, 2008)  Wicca has been felt to be able to lead individuals with a more spiritual life that is based upon harmony with nature. It is also considered to be a positive and uplifting inner experience where individuals can live a more magical life dedicated to the Goddess and the God in recognition that life is .

The River That Gives Liberation to the Soul

(July 31, 2008)  The Ganges, or Ganga, is a major river flowing through India, Bangladesh and Nepal. The 2,510 kilometer river has its source in the Himalayas at a place called Gangotri. The streams are fed by melting snow and ice glaciers including those from peaks such as Nanda Devi and Kamet. Since time ..

Shiva The Auspicious One and His Glories

(July 31, 2008)  Shiva is one of the three main deities in Hindu religion. He is the personification of the mode of ignorance, although he is transcendental to the modes of nature. Followers of Lord Shiva are called shaivaites. He's also known as “Mahadev", the great God. Vaishnavism, Shaivism and Shaktism ..

The Demigods and the Heavenly Enjoyments

(July 31, 2008)  Even in this world most of the believers in God lament and pray to God when they are in trouble and they forget to worship Him when they are living comfortably. The mentality is the same among the demigods. The level of enjoyment is so high in the heavenly planets that the demigods forget to ..

The Powerful Devious Demons and Their Exploits

(July 31, 2008)  The sage Kashyapa had two wives, Diti and Aditi. From Diti the demons were born and from Aditi came the demigods. The demons also follow the Vedic ways of life under the guidance of their spiritual master, Sukracharya. It so happened that many times the demons took over the heavens and made the ..

The Sacrifices of the Different Ages

(July 31, 2008)  God is not understood through mere words. It takes time: lifetimes and millenniums of practice. Some may get discouraged but only the sincere practitioners go to God. By sincere we mean no duplicity and no crookedness, always pure hearted and straightforward in dealings. The scriptures of the ..

The Six Goswamis The Embodiments of Spiritual Perfection

(July 31, 2008)  The Six Goswamis of Vrindavan were the people who revived Vrindavan. Rupa and Sanatana were direct disciples of Sri Chaitanya and they compiled literatures based on the teachings they received from Him. The other goswamis also were disciples of Sri Chaitanya with the exception of Jiva who was ..

Vaishnava Sarvabhauma Jagannath Das Babaji and His Teachings

(July 31, 2008)  Srila Jagannath Das Babaji Maharaj was an associate of Thakur Bhaktivinoda. He was well-known and very much respected among the vaishnava community. As such he became known as “Vaishnava Sarvabhauma". He spent a lot of time in the land of Vrindavan and that was where he is believed to have ..

Offending Devotees The Mad Elephant Offense

(July 31, 2008)  The Yamuna is a major tributary of the Ganga in northern India. Actually it is the main tributary. It is around 1400 kilometers long and therefore it is the longest tributary of the Ganga. According to sacred scriptures, the Yamuna is said to be the sister of the Ganga and that both of them ..

The Vedic System of Education

(July 31, 2008)  A Gurukul is a type of ancient Vedic school in India in which students go to the house of their teacher, or the guru, to live and study under his care. The students are all treated the same no matter what their social castes are or how elevated in society his family is. The students not only study, .

Vrindavan The Land of the Supreme Cowherd Boy

(July 31, 2008)  Vrindavan is a town in the district of Mathura on the site of an ancient forest which is believed to have been the region where Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, appeared as a cowherd boy and spent his childhood days. He performed many wonderful pastimes there with His associates. ..

The Health of Household Life

(July 30, 2008)  We normally refer to the events of the Srimad Bhagavatam when it comes to instructing ourselves about householder life. There are examples like Kardama Muni and Devahuti, Kashyapa and Aditi, the Pandavas and Draupadi and many more exemplary householders. This is what we call culture. They were ..

The Spiritual Quest For Liberation

(July 30, 2008)  Kumbh Mela is a spiritual event that occurs four times every twelve years in four different locations: Allahabad (Prayag), Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik. After twelve years there is a Maha Kumbha Mela that takes plce in Prayag, which is attended by millions of people, making it the largest spiritual ..

Prayer Beads Medium For Vibrating Transcendental Sound

(July 30, 2008)  Prayer beads, known as japa mala by the Hindus and by yoga practitioners around the world, are used to keep count of the repetitions of prayers or mantras. The mala consists of a certain number of beads depending on the religion. The material with which it is made also varies. While chanting, one ..


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