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Dating Success - Doubt In The Face Of Belief

(April 13, 2007)  All of us are inspired when we hear stories of BELIEF in the face of DOUBT. Movies like “The Pursuit Of Happyness", “Rudy" and “Hoosiers" all come to mind. The characters in each respective flick are repeatedly told that they would or even SHOULD fail, yet their sheer will and ..

A Simple Exercise For Eliminating Fear Of Rejection By The O ...

(April 07, 2007)  There's a lot of talk about “approach anxiety" when is comes to approaching and meeting someone attractive. My personal belief is that we all too often have actually “rejected" OURSELVES before the potential meeting ever actually happens. This is tragic, because there is a simple yet ..

First Dates: I Gotta Have More Cowbell

(March 23, 2007)  First and foremost, if you are unfamiliar with the classic Saturday Night Live piece that inspired the title of this week's newsletter, take five and enjoy the video courtesy of YouTube. Keywords “cowbell" and “Will Ferrell" ought to help you find it quickly. I've been giving ..

Getting Beat By A Girl

(March 10, 2007)  There's a lot of talk about “approach anxiety", and for good reason. It has been optimistically estimated that over 80% of all men are terrified of approaching attractive women they have ever met. And let's face it: without overcoming this fear it's all but impossible for a man to experience ..

But I'm 'Average,' How Can I Possibly Deserve The Partner Of ...

(February 04, 2007)  Generally speaking I am blessed to receive emails on a daily basis from readers and listeners expressing dramatic life change. I love to hear from people who are refusing to settle and therefore deserving what they want more and more every day. I truly live for messages like those these days. It ..

Is Your Ex Still Controlling You - Part Two

(January 15, 2007)  Last time we discussed ways an ex-spouse or ex-"significant other" can affect you by expressing opinions that you may actually still be considering as factual. Today, we're going to dive deeper. Just because you may be wise to the words your ex may use, what about his or her potentially ..


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