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Being In Your Element - Face To Face With Reality

(April 01, 2007)  Face to Face with reality. The real answers are always simple. Better life, more profit, personal happiness, lots of love at home. I thought you might enjoy feeding back your comments on this article on my blog at! You don't have to join to view the blog. Just use the link ..

Sacred Love - We Are The Environment We Create

(March 06, 2007)  “People say, “I want to change the world, or make a difference and the opportunity is right here, in our own back yard. If we can sustain a relationship in harmony with one person, then there is certainly a greater chance of sustaining harmony with 6.5 billion. Our domestic ..

Sacred Love - Building Relationships That Last

(February 26, 2007)  Are you in a relationship or thinking about getting into one? If so, then how will you know if you are building a lasting relationship, or simply going through a dance that’ll end in disaster. I’ve written this article as a sort of check list for the uninitiated in how to create and ..

Sacred Love - A Global Perspective

(February 09, 2007)  Sacred Love – the honeymoon that lasts forever. Making a difference. This valentines day is a day to celebrate love. It’s the world cup of love, a day to remember how important love is, and how natural it is. It’s also an exceptional opportunity to do your part in making a real ..

Bringing Sacred Love into Real Life Everyday Relationships

(February 08, 2007)  Some people think the honeymoon can’t last How many times do you hear people say “the honeymoon won’t last” or “that’s the honeymoon period, wait till they get back to reality” I know the honeymoon can last forever. With cap in hand and book on the market, ..

Sacred Love - Change Your Love Life, Change the World - Glob ...

(February 08, 2007)  The honeymoon that lasts forever For many years I’ve heard people say “the honeymoon wont last and that if you put a bean in a pot every time you make love in the first year of your relationship, and take one out for the rest of the relationship, you’ll never empty the pot. ..

Sacred Love - Why Am I Single and What Can I Do About It on ...

(February 08, 2007)  Nature, the universe or whatever your faith, does not want you to be alone, single and lonely. Ever. This is a human thing. Either we’re out of step with all that is natural or we’ve put some sort of obstacle in the way. So, this article is about removing the obstacles to a sacred ..

Sacred Love - The Do's and the Don'ts of Valentines Day

(February 08, 2007)  Valentines Day What are the dumbest things we can do on VDAY 1. Thinking what you do on VDAY is all you need to do for the year to keep your partner happy. 2. Thinking what you do the day after VDAY will be made up for by being nice 354 days from now 3. Thinking that spending money on VDAY makes ..

Sacred Love - Seeking a Real, Sacred and Loving Relationship ...

(January 21, 2007)  My first relationship, like most young people experience, died with the melodrama of a Shakespearian play. The notes passed under the table at school, carvings of our initials on trees and that first sweet peck on the cheek were soon the only memories of what was, we thought, love forever. Many ..

Sacred Love - 22 Suggestions That Will Turn the Tide in Your ...

(January 20, 2007)  Love is the most universally sought, most profoundly cherished, the most humanly pursued element in the universe. Yet, it is the most abused, misunderstood, undervalued commodity in all of human existence. Why? Why, because we are all totally stupid, we can’t even separate emotion from love. ..

Sacred Love - The Ten Daily Do's and Don'ts of Sacred Love

(January 20, 2007)  I believe in love. That’s why I wrote the book Sacred Love. . . I believe in the power of love and the importance of being in a loving relationship throughout our lives. I believe in the longevity of love and the importance of separating our ego from our love. I believe that relationships ..

Sacred Love - I Just Can't Stop Loving You Baby

(January 20, 2007)  Many people live in the myth that you can stop loving someone. This causes many problems because such a philosophy of life prohibits true moving on, sabotages the beauty of future relationships and causes significant health problems. This article attempts to demonstrate that you can never stop ..

Sacred Love - Where is Your Soul?

(January 20, 2007)  Where is your soul? You may build a house with magnificent garden – but has it a soul? You may bring up your children to laugh and be clever – but do they know your soul? You may run a business and climb to the highest peak – but does it have soul? Will it last? All that is built without soul .

Sacred Love - Maintianing the Balance in Love and life

(January 20, 2007)  In many relationships, the honeymoon is expected to last little more than a few months, some less. But in a relationship, built on the principles of sacred love, the honeymoon lasts forever. Honeymoon really, means honey mood. A mood of gratitude and great affection, appreciation and devotion, a ..

Sacred Love - A Search for Something Better

(January 20, 2007)  Client. “I left this one because it wasn’t right, and I am going to that one, because that is what I deserve. A wonderful, powerful, motivational mantra. I left where it wasn’t right for me, and I am going to where it is. ” Response Two questions spring to mind. First, were ..


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