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Multitasking Through Texting

(August 19, 2010)  Text messaging has become a standard form of communication. Indeed, many cell phone users text more than they actually talk these days. The popularity of texting plans and options is a testament to just how accepted texting has become in the mainstream. According to an NPR report earlier this ..

Making the Right Choice in Payroll Processing

(August 18, 2010)  Cyber criminals and online hackers are targeting small businesses and payroll services now more than ever before. They are gaining access to peoples’ bank account numbers, social security numbers and other personal information leaving people feeling hopeless and vulnerable because they got ..

OfficeMax to Help Needy Schools

(August 18, 2010)  In this economy everything is hurting so bad that it’s hard to look at any one industry to help. People are jobless, personal and national debt continues to rise at an alarming rate, oil spills are destroying lives and livelihoods, and the list goes on for a mile. However one industry that is .

A Quick “Heads Up” Goes a Long Way

(August 10, 2010)  Life would be a whole lot easier if we got a quick “heads up” for all the little problems we face. Like a warning that a tree is going to fall on it’s right side, so park your car on the left side, or just not next to the tree. Or perhaps a nice little note that the electricity ..


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