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Top 4 Reasons to Be Ineligible For US Immigration Visas!

(October 07, 2008)  For immigration to the USA one needs to remember that the embassies and counselor officers and the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) job is to prevent people from immigrating to the US, not to make it easier, so if you have a criminal past, or if you were close in any way to ..

The Absolute Best Way to Beat a Traffic Ticket!

(September 04, 2008)  The best way to beat a traffic ticket and not go to court and not need cheap lawyers or US attorneys is to not get the ticket in the first place. So how does one go about not getting a traffic ticket? The best way is too not draw attention to your self. The human eye is trained to notice things ..

Find a Cheap Lawyer?

(February 12, 2008)  What do Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and cheap lawyers have in common? A dumb question to be sure, as there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or cheap lawyers; however if you have a legal problem and you need to get it fixed, there are some alternatives to consider before you give a lawyer a ..


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