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The 5 Key Benefits of Using A Local Solicitors

(February 15, 2013)  In the 21st Century, if you require legal services your first port of call may be the internet rather than your local firm. Nowadays, there are many firms who can deal with your case over the phone and through the internet, which meansthere is no need to go local. Yet, despite living in an online ..

280 Year Old Law Firm - The History of Blandy & Blandy from ...

(February 14, 2013)  Of all the industries in the world, law firms seem to be the ones that stand the test of time. Justice is the backbone of our society and law firms, such as Blandy and Blandy from Reading have been the ones providing the services to make this happen. Established in 1733, Blandy and Blandy from ..

The History of Blandy and Blandy Solicitors From Berkshire

(February 14, 2013)  There aren’t many solicitors in the UK that can say they have a 280 year history but Blandy & Blandy Solicitors from Berkshire most definitely can. Founded in 1733 by rookie attorney Richard Simeon, the firm has gone from strength to strength since, being announced in 2007 as one of the ..

How the law can help your business?

(December 07, 2012)  There are several fields of law each handling a particular aspect of the law. For instance, there is the criminal law on one hand addressing complaints that are criminal in nature and the civil law on the other hand. It is under civil law that business law, otherwise known as commercial law falls. .

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney?

(December 06, 2012)  Matches that are made in heaven sometimes never tend to last as they are supposed to. When people get married to each other, they usually undergo a lot of transformation and experiences that are life changing. If some of these experiences are not as pleasant or accommodative as they should be, the ..

Charity Law in England and Wales

(December 06, 2012)  The history of the Charity law in England and Wales dates back after the death of Queen Elizabeth the First in the 17th century. For 400 hundred years, this law has been governing charities in the United Kingdom. In the 19th century, one judge took the initiative to categorise the different type of .

When Do You Need Legal Advice for Your Business?

(December 06, 2012)  Some people might think that getting legal advice from a registered law firm or an experienced lawyer is not a necessary step in making a business succeed. However, most businesses out there come to rely on professional legal advice at some point or another during their lifetime. It is usually ..


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