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Cafe Fire Started by Electric Knife

(August 23, 2008)  An important role of security guards is to protect your business from fires. The most common damaging event to any business is a fire that destroys within minutes. I have seen a three bedroom house burn to the ground in under 5 minutes. Security guards that have been trained properly know how to ..

Good Investigators Can Find People in Under 5 Minutes

(August 23, 2008)  Locating people in under 5 minutes Investigators learn a range of skills during their operations but one thing is true. Not all Investigators are the same and each have special skills or knowledge in a special niche field of Investigations. Most Investigator training courses teach you about the ..

Investigator Vomited on Himself to Stop Getting Shot

(August 23, 2008)  I enjoyed working as a surveillance operative in the investigation of some serious criminal activities because it has the edge of adrenalin I missed after leaving the military but it was also a good chance to use my skills and get criminals off the streets and protect people by being proactive ..

Good Security Guards Are Like Lions

(August 23, 2008)  I pay attention to other security guards when I see them working at their client business and I can tell within minutes if they are a good security guard or a poor security guard by the way they move and observe their surroundings while working. Good security guards want to work in the security ..

Security Guard Gets Pit Bulls Set on Him

(August 23, 2008)  Pup mauled in shopping centre and security guard attacked Some animal owners should not be allowed to have them but until something goes wrong no one can take the animals away from them. I was working as a retail shopping guard in a Western suburb shopping mall known for its antisocial youth ..

Car Thieves Have No Respect For Investigator

(August 23, 2008)  I was working with two other investigators on a surveillance operation to try and apprehend some property vandals that had been targeting our client. We had positioned our vehicles in locations where we could see the main approach areas of the property and detect the approach of the criminals. ..

Tips For Protecting Your Business

(August 23, 2008)  Retail stores often ask me how they can protect their stores from a range of risks without spending a large amount of money. These are usually owner operators with all their invested assets into running the business well and providing some form of retirement options later in life. The simple ..

Security Patrol Vehicle Dangerous

(August 13, 2008)  Mobile patrol vehicle found to be dangerous There is an increase in security companies using sub-contracted security guards to perform mobile patrols because it is cheaper for the company and transfers all the risk to the sole trader running his own vehicle. This is dangerous for the individual ..

Observation Skills Lacking in Security Training

(August 13, 2008)  Security training lacks industry relevance In the current licencing and training requirements a person that wants to be a security guard and obtain a valid licence must complete a Certificate II Security Operations. In all the training sessions and security company manuals that security guards use .

Suspect Briefcase Found During Vehicle Check

(August 07, 2008)  Security guards have a very interesting work environment because every day they don't know what they will encounter. Most people work in offices see the same people and things all the time. Let me tell you about one of the little things that security guards deal with. I was working at a gatehouse ..

How Not to Disarm a Suspected Bomb

(July 27, 2008)  Security guards often are the first people to notice suspect bags and items left around their site so it is important that they are well trained in identifying potential explosive devices, but more importantly what to do when one is found. I was a team leader of a security guard team when one of ..

Power Blackout Causes Looting

(July 24, 2008)  Total power blackout and people starting looting Working as a security guard in a large super regional shopping centre I saw some amazing things. People don't realise that shopping centres are actually small cities. Over 35,000 people came through this centre every day and it had over 2,000 retail .

Who Are Your Security Guards?

(July 24, 2008)  Your hire a security guard to protect valuable buildings and assets as part of your risk management strategy. Most managers never pay much attention to anything other than how low the contracted security company will reduce their service fees. This is like buying a car based on getting a discount ..

Crime Scene is Childs Play

(July 24, 2008)  Follow the footprints While working as an armed response officer I attended emergency alarm responses and attended a strange crime during a late evening shift. On arrival to an alarm activation I could see the blue strobe light flashing outside the primary school showing me that the alarm was ..

Critical Threats to Your Information

(July 24, 2008)  People inside your business do more damage Businesses spend large amounts to protect their business from external threats like criminal actions, property damage, customer complaints, and other environmental incidents. However, reading the newspapers each day you see that businesses get hurt mostly ..

Employing People is a Risky Process

(July 22, 2008)  Not enough time and effort is spent in learning more about the person you are considering employing in your company. Think about the amount of damage that could be done to your business by a person that wanted to harm you. Only by carefully and thoroughly reviewing the possible candidate should you .

Security Guards Making Good Arrests

(July 22, 2008)  Arresting people is a risky process. Removing a persons freedom carries a lot of responsibility to make sure that the security guard has made the arrest lawfully and safely. In Melbourne it is a requirement that all security guards understand the legal powers of arrest because they don't have the ..

Security Guards Trained to Spot the Different Types of Shopl ...

(July 20, 2008)  Security guards loss prevention Types of shoplifters Security guards all know that shoplifters come in different types and it requires effective security loss prevention training to detect the types and use the most effective loss prevention strategy to reduce your thefts. Generally there are four .

Security Guards Catching Shoplifters

(July 20, 2008)  Security guards loss prevention Catching shoplifters is easy In three simple steps you can learn exactly how to detect and stop people stealing from your store. Now you can learn more than most security guards or security companies ever train their retail security guards. Most shoplifters are ..

Covert Security Guards Arresting Shoplifters

(July 20, 2008)  Security guards loss prevention Problems with covert security guards A large part of being a security guard is deterrence and this is how security guards protect your store. When you make a decision to use covert security or plain clothes security you are in effect saying that you are focused more ..


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