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Virtual Or Real - How Many Different Faces Are There in Your ...

(September 21, 2008)  In Madrid an experiment showed that “amigos" on Facebook didn't turn out to be friends in real life. The initiators organized a “fiesta" for their Facebook members, but “very few felt like showing their face behind their nick-name. . . 6000 invitations converted into only 500 ..

How Search Engines Work By Real Life Algorithms

(July 03, 2008)  There is a lot of litter on the street, and the weird thing is that those things that do not belong there (litter, etc) is what catches your eye first. The search-engines seem to have adopted this rule. The virtual world is like the real world. When I take my bike to the mountains in only half an ..

A Keyword Rich URL Is - Against the Rules

(June 03, 2008)  Some sites do it, others don't. Some online newspapers have the heading wrapped-up in the url, others just use numbers or a meaningless Url. Maybe that today this leads to a very small advantage of the rich keyword Url over the normal URL, but it certainly will not be for long. And the main reason .

The Information Highway Metaphor - Where Does It (not) Fit t ...

(January 23, 2007)  There is an ongoing debate about the information highway and whether it should keep its current status or that the parallel to the normal highways should be made with a distinction between toll and toll-free roads. This is a heavy debate with a lot of different viewpoints or angles. An interesting .

The Information Highway Metaphor - Where Does It (not) Fit t ...

(January 23, 2007)  Some of the differences. . . Visibility. The internet is already called a virtual world and is hardly tangible. The network “beneath” the internet is even less visible. Instead the physical highways are real, visible and tangible. We experience the traffic jams as a simple phenomenon ..

Internet - Differences Between Real-Time and Online

(January 06, 2007)  “Online” in Business means that a visitor of a website is able to use the functions that are offered through the same website. Examples are: A contact form or the subscription to an e-mail newsletter. A visitor selects and provides the required input and the system will send the information to ..


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