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Your Own Product or Master Resell Rights - Which is Right fo ...

(December 08, 2007)  If you've been selling affiliate products for a while and are ready to increase your income, you should consider some alternatives that can increase the amount of money that you make on each sale. One of the best methods to do this is by creating your own product. The easiest product to create is ..

Making Millions With Your Own Ebook

(November 29, 2007)  It has become very popular, not to mention profitable, to write ebooks. It seems as though everyone with a computer is doing it. Many would tell you that the key to a successful ebook is in finding buyers. I prefer to say that the key to a successful ebook is in finding sellers. To be really ..

How to Profit from the Explosive Growth of the Internet

(September 03, 2007)  The Internet continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. There are about 700 times as many websites in existence today as there were in 1998. (Wow! If only my money would grow that fast!) There are currently over two billion websites on the Internet, and that figure is expected to continue growing. ..

Create Your Own Ebook Part 2 of 2

(September 02, 2007)  In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the advantages of developing your own product and the potential disadvantages of using affiliate products. You will almost always be better off by selling your own product for the following reasons: 1) You will earn 100% of your sale proceeds instead of the ..

Five Requirements of a Good Affiliate Program

(August 20, 2007)  Until you develop your own products, you will probably use affiliate products to make money on the Internet. Most people start out that way. Many of them are extremely successful. But there is a lot of confusion when just starting out with affiliate products. Many people ask, which affiliate ..

The Best Affiliate Products

(August 15, 2007)  As an article marketing specialist, I do a lot of research reading other peoples articles. Recently I’ve seen a number of affiliate sales articles that I found a little disturbing. They suggested that you should seek out the affiliate products with the highest commission and recommend them to .

7 Steps to Increase Your Article's Click Through Rate

(August 13, 2007)  Some people write articles for the shear fun of it. They include no links or contact information. Most us, though, write for different reasons. We write with a specific purpose in mind. Some write to increase traffic to a website and others write to generate income. In both of these cases, writers ..

Affiliate Programs - Starting With Profits

(August 09, 2007)  Marketing an affiliate program is an ideal business. There is no physical product to handle so you don’t need carry a supply of the product you sell. Therefore, your inventory costs are zero! You don’t have the hassles of dealing with the public. The merchant deals with all customer ..

Set Small Goals Writing Small Articles for Big Profits

(August 01, 2007)  Most people write articles to generate traffic to their website. I like to write articles for cash. There is a subtle difference between the two writing methods. When writing for traffic, you have to target your article to the content on your website. Always. You should never deviate from that. It ..

Explode Sales by Writing Five to Ten Articles per Day

(July 31, 2007)  Impossible? Never. Many people complain that they haven’t made any money writing articles. The main reason this is the case is because most people give up after writing just a few articles. If you only write ten articles, you will not make any money. Period. However, if you are extremely ..

3 Easy Steps to Easy Street by Writing Articles

(July 31, 2007)  I hear many people complain that they haven’t made any money writing articles. They insist that the entire concept must be wrong. They’ve had articles out there for 2 entire months and not made a penny! When I ask them how many articles they’ve written, invariably, they tell me it .

4 Easy Steps That Quadrupled My Article's URL Clicks

(July 30, 2007)  A while back, I was doing some research on how my articles performed. I compared page views, ezines published, and URL clicks over the course of one month. The first article received 128 views, 6 ezines published, and 4 URL clicks. The second article got 63 page views, 4 ezines published, and 14 ..

7 Easy Techniques To Super-Charge Your Income!

(July 30, 2007)  Many sites languish and fail to earn meaningful income. Due to the lack of earnings, webmasters lose interest and the site gets stale. If your site falls into this category and you want to super-charge your earnings, read on. There are numerous reasons for a lack of sales but we’ll cover a ..

Optimize Your Article to Make Money

(July 30, 2007)  Everyone knows that you should optimize your website in order to obtain the highest possible traffic from the major search engines. But did you know that you can use that same strategy for your articles? Do a Google search on the title of your article and see how many listings you get on the first ..


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