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Ezine Publishing - How One Sentence Can Pay Your Bills

(August 02, 2007)  It doesn’t need repeating that Ezine publishing is a powerful vehicle for targeted website traffic. Because well crafted words will make or break your entire business. Persuade, educate and negotiate…whatever you’re trying to do, let the right combination of words cut out the strain ..

Are You Making This Fatal Mistake With Your Article Headlines?

(July 25, 2007)  Before I tell you what this common error is, let me tell you that writing an article that produces great results is a certain form of art. As I write this very article, I know that it might not get the attention it deserves, but I know that if even a few people learn from what I am about to point ..

How To Sell Anything Online In Less Than One Sentence

(July 25, 2007)  As certain as I am that the Earth revolves around the Sun, well crafted words can make or break your entire business. Whether online or offline, words have the power to persuade, to educate, to negotiate, to inspire and to sell. In fact, words can do a lot more than that, but we are here to focus ..

The 4 Golden Rules Of Affiliate Marketing

(July 08, 2007)  So you want to promote affiliate products? You hear about all the money that is being made from affiliate programs and you decide that you want a little some of that? I don’t blame you, it’s easy and relatively risk free. It’s easy to start and easy to maintain. Affiliate ..

Is Your Niche Market Research Out Of Date?

(July 08, 2007)  Most internet marketers have a certain set of tools in their arsenal to research niches to work in and ideally make money from as part of their online business. These tools typically include keyword research tools such as WordTracker, Overture and a multitude of other variations of what is ..

Does Your Business Fit Youtube – An Overview Of Youtube Fo ...

(July 08, 2007)  The important thing to remember with YouTube is that officially speaking; they are not in business to be a piggyback advertising portal for webmasters, affiliates and online merchants. However, the essence of my new book “Cash Tube - How to profit from YouTube" is to teach you how to get ..

How To Start Your Online Business With YouTube For Free

(July 08, 2007)  Among the millions of ways to make money online, the one that excites me the most is with YouTube. This is partly because I love cutting edge, interactive websites such as YouTube and similar Web 2.0 sites (e. g. MySapce, FaceBook) but also because I realize, like other people are beginning to ..

Finding A Niche Online

(July 08, 2007)  Many people speak of finding untapped niches online these days, but the more advice that is given out to small niche marketers online to dig for such gold, the less likelihood there is of anyone actually finding so called “untapped niches". It's safe to say that almost anything that is ..

Understanding What Sells Online

(July 08, 2007)  Going back ten years or more, eBay was the most common place associated with selling goods online. In fact, to many it still is. However, due to a certain amount of market saturation and resulting stiff competition, selling physical products on eBay is a dead horse for most people. What makes the ..

Niche Marketing - Are You In The Know?

(June 04, 2007)  Niche Marketing you say? What's that all about then and can it make me some money? Oh yes. Niche marketing is all the rage these days, particularly when it comes to making money online. A niche market is defined as a focused and targetable portion of a market in which a specific product or service ..


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