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4 Business Website Building Tips To Create Sales

(January 13, 2007)  I say “Avoid Eye Candy If You Want Sales!!" What do I mean by this provocative statement? Simply that if you're getting involved in business website building, you need to make some cold hard decisions about what you're trying to achieve, and not be swayed by the “bells and whistles ..

Web Page Design Software - Tips On Selecting The Most Effect ...

(January 10, 2007)  Web Page Design Software - How do you uncover the mysteries of HTML, without becoming a computer nerd?! Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language of the World Wide Web and it’s the secret key to making your own web site. While it’s possible to do HTML in a text editor like ..

Want A Web Site Web Page Design Template - Avoid These Three ...

(January 10, 2007)  Making a web site is a potentially complex job. There are lots of ways to go about it, ranging from doing it yourself by hand or with an expensive piece of software that bundles HTML and graphics editing, to hiring a specialist to do it and maintain it for you. These specialists can cost a lot of ..

Design Own Web Page - Point And Click Is Easy

(January 10, 2007)  Every business that strives to be a success needs a web presence. Getting your web presence and turning it into an ecommerce enabled business web site requires a business focused web site design - not a fancy site full of slow loading graphics that wins a designers award! If you've ever tried to ..

Affordable Web Hosting - How To Choose The Best Service For You

(January 10, 2007)  Have you decided to finally set up your own website? If you have and you've already shopped around looking for the right webhost, you've probably noticed that it might cost you anywhere from $40 to $100 per month just for the webhost. But don't get discouraged just yet, because the affordable web ..

Portal Websites - A Product Review Interview On The "Po ...

(January 10, 2007)  Have you ever wondered who these successful marketers seem to get SO many niche sites up, and doing well in search engines etc, so quickly? Well there are a few secrets, aside from the hard work, persistence, and targeted knowledge that such people typically have! So I decided to interview my ..


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