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Search Engine Optimization - SEO Hints and Tips

(October 01, 2008)  Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, can be used in blogging and in other online marketing techniques to drive traffic to any web page of your choice, whether it is a blog, Squidoo lens or a traditional website page. There are specific ways to ensure that each of these three ..

SEO Web Design Secrets - Search Engine Optimization Tips For ...

(August 17, 2008)  SEO web design is a skill that can be learned, though most search engine optimization for beginners courses dwell too much on linking strategy as opposed to web site design per se.   There are many ways for most normal people to get an improved search engine ranking, and secure a high search ..

How to Improve Your Google Listing and Achieve a Higher Sear ...

(August 11, 2008)  There are many ways in which you can improve your Google listing, and some work better than others depending on the type of website you have or on your niche. Here are ways in which you can get a higher Google ranking, or even a better search engine ranking in general. We shall forget about onpage .

How to Get Listed on Google in Two Days

(August 09, 2008)  You can get listed on Google in two days, if you know how and luck is riding with you. In spite of what many might try to tell you, Google included, it is not difficult to get a quick listing of a new website within a couple of days. I recently got a nasty email from somebody who read one of my ..

Flash Guestbooks For Website Interactivity

(August 09, 2008)  Flash guestbooks can make your visitors totally amazed at the modern design of your website.   Even if they know nothing about internet marketing or even websites, they know something special when they see it. Not only that, but those spammers who openly use guestbooks for blatant advertising ..

Keep Everyone Organised With a Flash XML Calendar

(August 09, 2008)  A Flash XML calendar is a very useful addition to many web pages.   If you are responsible for running or maintaining a website that is viewed by regular people, perhaps the members of a social networking group, an organisation or club, or even customers who frequently visit your site to see what ..

Move Over Times New Roman, and Download Fonts For Flash to S ...

(August 09, 2008)  There are many fonts for Flash that will make your documents and web pages look a lot crisper that the same boring old Times New Roman and the rest. A person's handwriting is extremely individual, and is the most obvious way in which a document created by someone can be uniquely attributed to them, .

Create Intuitive Content Using a Flash Page Flipper

(July 02, 2008)  Have you ever heard about what a Flash page flipper is? Do you remember a world before computers and the internet, when the best way of getting hold of the information you needed was to turn to a book? Incredibly, there was such a time, although most web designers don't seem to appreciate this, and .

Flash Photosplash Delight Them With a Random Layout of Scatt ...

(July 02, 2008)  By using Flash Photosplash you can generate a random layout of photographs that is far more appealing to most people than something more ordered. People tend to like chaos amongst the order, and that is what a Flash script like Photosplash can achieve for you. When it comes to showing people ..

Keep Your Website Up to Date With a Flash RSS Reader

(July 02, 2008)  A Flash RSS reader can keep your website completely up to date with the latest news on your niche, and also keep the search engines happy with continually updated content: and yes, Google can now read and index Flash pages. Really Simple Syndication, or the ability to broadcast up to date news ..

Incorporate a Flash 3D Menu Into Your Website

(June 27, 2008)  A Flash 3D menu can really make your website stand out from the competition. Since websites generally comprise a number of pages, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, visitors know that virtually every website they come across will include some form of navigation system. In older websites these ..

Why Page Rank is Important in Building Traffic

(March 29, 2008)  Google Page rank (correctly PageRank) is important in building traffic to your website for a number of reasons. Before we discuss why, here is quick heads up on how it works. Page Rank is based on links between your site and other sites, in fact specifically between web pages, since it is links ..

Blogging for Profit and Traffic

(December 30, 2007)  Blogging for profit involves specific knowledge of how to make money online, although if you are only blogging for traffic then you are guaranteed that if you link your website to your blog. In order to blog for profit, or to make money in other words, you need to understand the principles of ..

How to Blog From Your Own Website

(December 27, 2007)  If you know how to blog from your own website then you will have many options open to you in the design and functionality of your blog that are not available on a hosted blog. You can use Blogger from or Wordpress from Each has its own peculiarities, benefits and ..

The Importance of Article Marketing in SEO

(June 21, 2007)  Article marketing is an important component of external SEO, or search engine optimization. Irrespective of how much internal SEO is carried out on a web page, article marketing can make a massive difference, not only to the traffic to your site, but also your link density and search engine ..

Search Engine Optimization - How to Use SEO to Get Listed

(June 19, 2007)  Search engine optimization is a means of making your website attractive to spiders and if you know of to use SEO to get listed on the search engine indices, you have a fabulous way of getting free advertising at your fingertips. Many people spend a lot of money on pay per click advertising because .

How to Achieve Improved Search Engine Rank

(June 14, 2007)  Improved search engine rank can lead to high listings in search engine indices. The major page rank measurement is the Google PageRank that you find on the Google toolbar, but many people are confused at the difference between PageRank and search engine rankings, or listing positions, in the ..


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