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Extranet Landing Page. What Are Landing Pages?

(April 23, 2012)  Though you may consider your website to be an integral part of your brand marketing strategy, without the right attention to detail with regards to its content, you could be losing valuable customers and limiting your business potential. Adding landing pages to your site is an effective way of ..

Mobile Website Design For SME's

(April 20, 2012)  Summary : This is a very simple guide to the benefits of mobile web design. Mobile phone processors are getting faster and the screens are getting more detailed with higher resolution screens. We are using them more than ever. A broader age group are using phones too. Apple really cracked the ..

The goals are on target towards personal development

(February 13, 2012)  Personal development can take on many forms, whether it be in connection with family matters, career aspirations, financial security, further education, or solutions to emotional and attitude problems. The sure fire way of concentrating the mind towards affecting your life ambitions, is the process .

Developing the dream is the ultimate goal

(February 13, 2012)  If you were planning to go on a journey of any kind, then the first thing you would do is sort out a route, decide on transportation, and have an idea on the type of accommodation you will be frequenting during the trip. It is basic common sense and is essential, otherwise before you had got too ..

Setting a goal allows talents to flourish

(January 13, 2012)  Fulfilling individual potential is something that really ought to be a pre-requisite for each and everyone of us, but sadly there is a huge proportion of the population who fail to accomplish it, sometimes through no fault of their own, but very often through a lack of application and an acceptance .

Goal setting scores for personal development

(January 13, 2012)  As individuals, the journey that everybody takes, both personally and professionally, is not necessarily the one that is initially planned. Nevertheless, to help deal with all that life can throw at us, it is vital that personal development is allowed to continue, to maximize potential. Standing ..

Personal growth positively on the up!

(January 12, 2012)  As individuals, it is so easy to fall into a rut, as there are certain sets of circumstances that make us accept situations which occur in our lives, admittedly sometimes through no fault of our own, but very often they lead on to a downward spiral, and we lose sight of our earlier dreams. ..

Personal development training inspiring a refreshing new sel ...

(January 12, 2012)  Talk to any successful person in whatever discipline you care to mention, and you can be sure to find that they will all be in agreement, that one of the main secrets of their success is the realization that they never stop learning and improving themselves, and as a consequence always take maximum .

Personal development training goals kicking in

(December 08, 2011)  In all walks of life people strive to improve, whether that be for the good of themselves, or on behalf of a team. For this reason many appreciate the benefits of personal development training, which can take on many forms. It can concentrate on things such as the best techniques, useful tools and ..

Personal development reliant upon self-motivation

(December 08, 2011)  In recent times there has been a significant recognition of the need to enhance individual all round awareness. Personal development is now a big business and quite rightly so, after all, if it can help someone to achieve all their dreams, then it has to be a critical skill to attain. However, ..

How to Choose the Right Web Design Company for Your Business?

(February 21, 2011)  Summary: A few basic guidelines you should follow when choosing your web designer. Once you’ve decided you want to launch a website, you have to face a very important process that will be a major influence for your online success. You will have to choose the web design company that will have .

Blogging Is Fun and Easy To Do

(February 19, 2011)  Summary: Describing why blogs are the best solution for those who want to express themselves on the internet. Blogs are a great way of expressing yourself on the internet. Anyone can't write a blog about anything they find interesting. Some of the most popular blogs are sports, political, and ..

What's Link Popularity?

(October 19, 2010)  Link popularity represents the total amount of links that point to a certain website. This term represents a measure of the quality and number of links pointing to a site. Link popularity is taken into consideration as a consequence of search engines algorithms that have to emulate human ..

Why SEO Should Be Done by Professionals

(October 10, 2010)  Whenever it comes to search engine optimization most webmasters apply different optimization techniques, without maintaining a balance between them. In fact, most webmasters don't know exactly what they're doing, they're just applying different tips other people posted on the web. It's very likely ..

The Simple Things to Know About SEO

(October 05, 2010)  First of all, you should know there's no such thing as a miracle recipe that will boost your rankings and you'll start getting thousands of visitors in a short time. The secret of getting those right rankings on search engines that everybody's dreaming about is pretty simple, yet not so many ..

Importance of Keyword Selection in SEO Process

(October 01, 2010)  Most business owners that decide to improve their offline business by going online are the most likely to ask their web designers just for some beautiful website. However, a website should be more than just a beautiful wrapping of an offline business, but an appealing and yet client focused ..

The CMS Approach of Templates

(August 16, 2010)  Summary: An article describing the new meaning of a template when it comes to a CMS. Content Management Systems have brought a new meaning to the word template. When it comes to web design, the traditional meaning of this word suggested unimportance or a generic style. The old meaning of this word .

Top 7 Advantages of Open Source Software

(August 16, 2010)  Summary: An article describing the most important five advantages of using open source software. The one thing that makes the difference between open source software and proprietary software is thought to be security. However, security means way more than just sound programming. Constant and ..

Social Media Design and Customization

(August 16, 2010)  Web site design is always an important factor in visitors’ snap judgment of your site. That same idea comes across now with Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter profiles, LinkedIn accounts and any other one of the many social media tools available today. A lot is said about what social media can do ..

Mobile Web Design Guidelines

(August 15, 2010)  Summary: An article describing the most important guidelines to follow when doing your site's mobile phone version. More and more mobile phone owners use the Internet browsers on their phones. Iphone and various different platforms that have sprouted contributed to the development of mobile phone ..

HTML5 Review: Pros and Cons

(July 09, 2010)  Web technology is continuously getting better and more and more innovative websites are being created. HTML 5 replaced HTML 4 and it's supposed to bring more flexibility and to enhance a wide range of features. There are a lot of benefits this revamped language is offering to all web designers. 1. .

9 Tips for Getting a Better Response Rate from Your Online F ...

(July 06, 2010)  Summary: An article describing multiple advices on how to get a better response rate from an online form. There are some basic guidelines that must be respected in order to better results. Each website contains an online form that allows a better communication with the site's visitors. You ..

5 Tips for Making Your Site Move as Fast as Your Business

(July 06, 2010)  Summary: An article describing a few tips on how to make your site reflect your off line’s business behavior and attitude. Entrepreneurs and business owners are working hard everyday and they're constantly thinking about their business. However, most of them don't have websites that reflect ..

5 Simple Tips for Using Your Joomla Site

(June 28, 2010)  Summary: An article describing five simple and useful tips for using a Joomla site. There are many webmasters that need assistance with their Joomla site. Most problems webmasters have to deal with will be avoided by following these 5 simple guidelines for using a Joomla site: 1. The ..

How to Choose the Right Web Design Agency

(May 12, 2010)  Summary: An article describing a few tips and guidelines to follow when trying to hire a web design agency. Nowadays reality makes Internet visibility an essential part of each business’ success. However, most business owners think that just by having a website going online, their income ..


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