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Digital Marketing: Promoting Your Business Part II

(December 30, 2016)  In my last article we discussed paid marketing campaigns with emphasis on Adwords. Although there are many other options for paid exposure of your business the cost does not suit everyone’s pocket. Hence promotion of your business/profession website on the Internet is one such recourse. ..

Digital Marketing: Promoting Your Business Part I

(December 22, 2016)  Digital Marketing is the buzzword. Essentially a method to promote business website on the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) it includes search engine optimisation. Digital marketing takes place in many forms free as well as paid. Paid method consists of publishing Ads in medium like Google ..

Seo: On page optimization advice

(January 24, 2012)  The term search engine optimization stands for making you site suitable for the search engines. This has been written perhaps for nth time. The acronym is SEO and basically comprises of on page and off page optimization. On page optimization is taking care of page factors that affect rankings. ..

Online back up: What it is?

(November 01, 2011)  With the increasing usage of computers in the World the data storage has become a key issue. The usage of computers for business account has created lot of issues that had to be looked into. The PC however reliable has been subject to crash due to technical failure of virus attacks. The main ..

Hiring professionals for your website?

(May 18, 2011)  Getting your site ranking high is a big desire that may spell success depending upon the interface. Websites which are properly built have a good chance of ranking high on SERPs on keywords relating to their topics. A common sense approach is what is required in optimization, besides experience and .

Importance of content & design in Seo

(May 06, 2011)  Seo or search engine optimization is basically making your website and popularizing it as per guidelines of search engines. Popularity comes because the website is rich in content, useful and of interest to the visitor seeking such contents or utility. When we talk about a good site does what it ..

How do i reclaim my email password? My e-mail account has be ...

(August 04, 2010)  You can easy retrieve your mail address user name and password, if you have or forgotten it anyway. There are various methods present aside which we can regain the missing e-mail username and password. I came across many another users saying that their user score over an net has been hacked on ..

Benefits of online presence

(July 24, 2010)  Many website owners question the necessity of ranking site on SERPs. For them their website is an instrument of direct advertisement, and organic rankings has no meaning. This is a wrong attitude mostly due to lack of perception and foresight. Most ready customers for search engine optimization ..


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