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What is Cloud Computing?

(December 07, 2010)  The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is often misinterpreted and its true meaning and importance lost. Fortunately, one premier Cloud Hosting provider are here to make cloud computing simple and easy - the way it should be, to enable your business to enjoy the outstanding benefits which its ..

SEO Tips for Beginners: Round Two

(July 12, 2010)  Last weeks blog we looked at 10 simple tips to get you started on your onsite SEO. If you are serious about SEO it would pay to make sure you understand all the points in last weeks blog. To move forward here are a few more suggestions: * Make sure you use the links within your site to make use of ..

SEO Tips for Beginners: Issue 1

(July 05, 2010)  For those of you starting out, and want a couple of SEO tips to get you started, I will outline the basics you need to get to grips with, or if you are paying someone to carry out your SEO, it might be important for you to understand the resource that goes into your internet marketing. I may stand .

Internet Marketing: How to Write SEO Content

(June 30, 2010)  The fusion of interesting content and SEO It used to be a lot simpler to write website content. Several moons ago webmasters could roll out content that was uninformative, repetitive to the point of being spam and most probably stolen in some parts from other sites. Add a sprinkle of black hat ..

Internet Marketing: SEO Audit Checklist

(June 29, 2010)  The importance of an SEO Health Check Getting your website optimised for page 1 listings is probably the focal point of the internet marketing work you do for your site. Its is very important however to periodically check your sites for areas that need updating or corrections from errors that have ..

Web Safe Fonts for Websites

(June 16, 2010)  Have you ever noticed that when creating a website it can look different in your editor then it does when you view it in your browser? Have you noticed the same can happen if you view a site in different browsers also? This is all to do with differing font types. Unlike the offline world of ..

That’s Not An SEO Campaign…

(June 03, 2010)  …this is an SEO campaign! A couple of weeks ago an Australian senator launched a bit of a tirade at Google and its seemingly arrogant attitude. At a meeting for a controversial national firewall Senator Stephen Conroy attacked Google because their Street Cars had been found to be ..

Internet Marketing: How To Increase Page Rank

(May 25, 2010)  How external links can help your Page Rank As a Search Engine Optimiser Page Rank (PR) is one of the aspects of a website that I pay particular attention to when looking at a clients internet marketing. Google page rank which can be seen using the Google toolbar is one way to assess how Google ..

Tailor Your Web Design in Leamington Spa to Your Target Audi ...

(May 14, 2010)  A survey conducted by the University of Glamorgan into web design Leamington Spa habits has thrown up some interesting findings, but perhaps most pertinently they have noted that there are quite specific differences in the kinds of websites preferred by varying demographics. These may be gender or ..

The Great Web Design Redditch Debate: DIY vs The Professionals

(May 12, 2010)  It goes without saying that building a web presence in the 21st century is vital. However many people see the cost of a professionally-built website as too prohibitive, and seek to do it themselves. With the sheer amount of web design Redditch templates available cheaply/for free on the Internet, ..

Google starting SEO company?

(April 29, 2010)  Google looking to join the legions of SEO companies It’s been reported that Google are considering starting their own SEO company. This, if true, would be potentially massive news for the SEO industry. Serena Shapero over at Newswire has stated that Google intend to get their SEO business ..

Internet Marketing Service Problems - How traditional market ...

(April 27, 2010)  Need the truth on why your SEO hasn't yet got you that search engine page one listing? Get the results you deserve by going back to the proven tools of marketing and find the answers to what action is needed with the powerful SWOT analysis tool. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities .

E-Commerce Web Design and SEO: A Marriage Made in Heaven

(April 19, 2010)  Utilise SEO in your Online Shop to Ensure a Happy Ever After Online retailing is big business these days - raking in several billion pounds a year on a global basis. With the market place becoming increasingly saturated as companies scramble to make the most of this, securing competitive advantage ..

SEO Truths: Not all Links are equal

(April 14, 2010)  Anyone involved with SEO knows that Link Building is essential for maintaining good listings. But, you may or may not be aware that not all links are equal. I often get clients tell me they ‘don’t have enough links’ because they’ve spoken to someone ‘who knows about ..


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